Pulsar PG10000 Gas Powered Generator, 10000-watt Output Review

Pulsar PG10000 Gas Powered Generator, 10000-watt Output Review

Breakdown of electricity happens out of the blue without informing. A back-up plan is must to prevent the black-out in that sort of crises, if happens. The Pulsar PG10000 gas powered generator can be the best option to choose in that case. With the peak capacity of 10000 watts, this generator has everything to offer that is necessary to state your life normal at the time of power-outrage. This is an EPA approved generator with exceptionally impressive features which is on sale for comparatively reasonable prices on Amazon. Wheel kit is given to move it easily and more exciting features that make it worth purchasing for a home or a job sites to run different sort of appliances.

Power and output:

Although the surge power of this generator is 10000 watts but the running capacity is 8000 watts. 4-stroke OHV air-cooled engine makes low intensity noise and is able to perform a smooth function even when the appliances like air-conditioner is being run on it. The horse power of the engine is 15-HP. It has four outlets of 120V and one twist lock of 120V/240V. Not only that but, one 30A RV Outlet and one 50A RV outlet is also built-in in this gas powered generator by far.

Dimensions of generator:

It weighs 190 pounds, still easy to mobilize due to the wheel kit fitted in its body. Its size in inches is 33x24x22.

Other exceptional features:

It has a start-up method of usual recoil but is also given with the option of electric start. This generator makes less noise as compare to other generators and is comparatively light in weight as well. The fuel consumption is not too much and because being approved from EPA, this generator is categorized in the safe products. 12 volts DC output is also incorporated within its heavy body.


This item is available with shipping facility to the certain countries and particular areas. This is advised for this item to ship it separately that means not with other items you are ordering from the store. The rates per kg of shipment are reliable for customers for it is delivered at the doorstep with in a couple of days after placing an order.

Customer review:

The consumers of this product have rated it with 3.5 stars which means that it is workable item and is helping with electricity break-down problem of customers. This might also be taken to the picnics, tours and camping in remote areas where electricity is not available. Wheel-kit is attached in the generator which makes it convenient to move anywhere you want.

Reliability and safety:

Due to the power efficiency, output level of this generator is very much high. It does make sure not to trip-down when too many appliances start working together. EPA approves this product so it is evident now that the product is safe and intoxicated to use at home or offices. It consumes gas as a fuel which is economical as well. Also, the price of the article is reasonable and this generator worth it with a number of feasibilities it is providing at one time. Makes no loud and irritating noises, do not produce smoke or smell so that the normality of life is bothered. In short it is reliable to use in a home and it should be considered to invest on. This generator is something which is a great back-up plan to face electricity crises.

Concluded summary:

The expensive products like generator cannot be used as a disposable item obviously. So the purchaser looks for something that is long lasting, dependable for the worst situations like hurricane, storms and heavy rainfall. The generator must not be very hard with recoiling start-up, it should not make too much noise and must be easy to move. Miraculously, these all things are together to form this 10000 watts generator. You can purchase it from Amazon to make yourself satisfied that you are ordering it from a trustworthy place. It is for sure going to help in the times of need in effectual manner. This is to assure that the investment done on this generator will not go in vain. It will be found prolific item that will benefit for decades.

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