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Inhaler Vaporizer : Puffit Vaporizer Review and Puffit X

 puffit-x-video-stillA lot of vapers opt to get something discreet to bring to events, to concerts or to various places.

While there are some discreet vaporizers and portable vaporizers, such as the Pax Ploom, there are others who still prefer something more discreet and look like something else.

For one, some users would choose an inhaler vaporizer that resembles a normal asthma inhaler, like the Puffit portable vaporizer.

 The Puffit’s Discreet Look

If you’re worried of being looked at by people while taking a puff, this inhaler vaporizer would make you look like you’re just inhaling some normal asthma medicine. The discreet look of the Puffit vaporizer makes it very inconspicuous, making it safe to carry almost everywhere. The company behind this vape is surprisingly named Discreet Vape. Available in black or blue, nobody will take a second look when you inhale from this vape.

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Size and Power

puffit-side2The Puffit is pretty much the same size as the normal asthma inhalers. The actual size is 3.5 inches long, and about 1-1/8 inches wide. The weight is also unnoticeable, at 2.6 ounces, making it one of the best portable vaporizers for those who are always on the go. With a full battery, this vape allows users to have 25 to 30 heating cycles before running out of power.

From an empty charge, the battery takes about 45 minutes to be fully charged. The internal lithium-ion battery, coupled with the mini-USB cord, allows users to easily charge it with existing USB power adaptors, desktops or laptops.

The only downside perhaps is the mini-USB port, since almost all devices nowadays use microUSB cables and ports.

Features and Options

The gold-plated heating chamber allows you to pack .25 grams of herbs or dry blends. The Puffit offers 8 preset temperatures, for as low as 250F and as high as 430F. The wheel on the device lets users change or choose their respective temperatures, depending on the dry blends that they use. The initial heating cycle heats up your blends in about 20 to 30 seconds. The light changes to green to let you know that it’s ready to be inhaled.

  • 1st level – 250F
  • 2nd level – 280F
  • 3rd level – 300F
  • 4th level – 330F
  • 5th level – 350F
  • 6th level – 380F
  • 7th level – 400F
  • 8th level – 430F

The Puffit comes with the silicone heat shield, and an internal stirring tool. Aside from the temperatures, the Puffit portable vaporizeralso has an auto shut off feature after 90 minutes of being idle. When you’re done, you can also replace the cover on the mouthpiece and the Puffit also automatically shuts off. It also has some safety features, such as making sure that the top cap is securely closed before the unit starts to heat up.

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 Manufacturing Build and Quality

puffit-boxUnlike the Pax by Ploom or the Arizer vaporizer, the Puffit is only made out of plastic, and may feel too cheap when used by others.

The Puffit is made out of plastic, with some aluminum parts, like the cap that covers the mouthpiece.

The LED and the miniUSB charging port has a removable silicon cover to protect it from dust and possible contact with liquids.

The insides of the vape, or the vapor pathway, is also made out of medical-grade silicone to prevent the exterior from being too hot. It is also made in China.

 Cleaning the Puffit Inhaler Vaporizer

Maintaining the Puffit is easy. Just remember to clean the screens regularly to avoid having a blocked path. You may also clean the heating chamber with Q-Tips and isopropyl alcohol. Some users may opt to use a pipe cleaner to effectively clean the insides of the unit.  

Puffit Portable Vaporizer Warranty

This inhaler vaporizer comes with a 1-year warranty. The battery is covered with a 90-day battery. However, the internal Li-on battery is not user replaceable. Always remember to charge it regularly to ensure that it would last for the coming years.  

What’s in the Package?

  • Puffit Portable Vaporizerpuffit-4_1_1
  • Internal stirring tool
  • Vape enhancer tool
  • Minus cable charger
  • Silicon heat shields
  • Cleaning tool
  • Neoprene carrying case
  • 3 extra mouthpieces
  • 4 replacement screens


  • Very discreet; looks like a normal asthma inhaler
  • 45-minute charging time
  • Full battery can give you 25 to 30 heating cycles
  • Very portable; only weighs 2.6 ounces
  • Accurate temperature because of its digital sensors
  • Charges via a USB port
  • Reasonably-priced for a portable vaporizer
  • Not noisy


  • Some users report a plastic or silicone taste upon inhaling.
  • Can create a confusion for somebody who actually needs a real asthma inhaler
  • Doesn’t come with a USB power adapter
  • The vape uses the older miniUSB
  • Comes just in medical blue, or black
  • Can only be used with dry herbs or dry tobacco

 Use with:

  • Dry blends
  • Herbs

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