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Hello dear readers,

In this post of Golf simulators for sale I want to give you an in-depth unbiased review of the famous pro-tee virtual golf simulator, basically I tell you all you need to know before laying your golf-avid hands on this high-end product.

This virtual golf simulator priceis pretty high, as its quality, so if you are not a SERIOUS PASSIONATE GOLFER, a golf trainer who wants to teach as his best in all weather conditions and from the comfort of his home, an individual who enjoys the uniqueness of luxury and wants to share it with friends or a Golf resort manager or amusement facility owner, I suggest you don’t indulge anymore in the reading, you may prefer to read about the cheap but useful optigolf simulator clicking here. 

My information on this products is consequence of many hours spent sweating with it, many interviews, both in person and online, to its owners and of my many readings on the topic. I here give you a concentrate of all.

This simulator, in the highest price combination of $33.000- with all accessories, comes with the following:

– Complete PC and touch screen monitor to impart the instructions and decide settings of the golf simulator software; The software is Multilingual and includes, among other, the Chinese language;

– Golf mats with the built-in sensors to analyse the swing with precision; You get one for the full speed swing and one for the putting – the dedicated apparatus for the putting analysis is one of the highlights of this simulator as opposed to many others; I must point out that the job the company did in simulating the real feel of the turf in these mats is impressive;

a detailed picture of the grass of this indoor driving range

– High sensitivity camera to complete the swing reading and analysis, particularly dedicated to analyze the height of the shot, the ball spin and the putting;

– Entire floor in which to install the two different mats (you don’t have the annoying problem of having to block the practicing mats properly, since they get to be incorporated to the floor;

– High definition screen to which the indoor driving range or indoor golf course is projected; This screen serves as a practice net, since it’s made to absorb the shots;

-High quality projector to project on the above mentioned screen the ultra realistic images of the virtual golf courses in which you can play;

-Two halogen lamps that enhance the sensitivity of the sensors;

– Dvd with more than NINETY real life golf courses reproductions in which to play in, including Pebble beach, Augusta and Saint Andrews;

– Cables to connect all apparatuses between them, some are high quality usb LONG cables, which are far better, as per quality of the signal, compared to the ordinary ones;

– Black curtains to surround the sides of the simulator, they are anti-fire and make the simulator stand out from the surroundings. Particularly useful to make it more glamorous if allocated in a house or other luxury ambiance;

– Full metal structure to host all the system, with the camera, the sensors and the screen;

– Universal power supply;

– Shot analyzer app, to get the results of your swing analysis on your tablets or smartphones;

– detailed user manual.


A nice thing is that you can start buying just the sensors and a practice net, and still get a good home golf simulator. In this case, you can start with as low as $ 4000.00 and then build up to the full package at your speed and according to your wishes, but NOT HAVING TO ACCEPT COMPROMISES ON THE QUALITY.

Apart from the user manual you get with the purchase, on the website there are some tutorials on the setting up of the system; and the customer care is looked after by many helping and courteous individuals. I actually simulated having some problems with the product which I again clarify, for full disclosure, I don’t own. Well, I made complaints and inquiries both on the phone and online and they always got promptly back to me.

The durability of all items is another aspect that emerged from my investigation. The sensors and cameras are made with high attention for providing resistance to shocks and missed hits. Anyway, the complete golf simulator, as well as the individual components you may buy to build slowly your simulator,  come with a full two years warranty. I didn’t have reports about the effectiveness of the warranty, so I can’t give any  truthful information on the subject.

They provide software update for five years.

With this wonder you can play real games, on your own or against a virtual opponent, on ALMOST 100 REAL COURSES. Which are beautifully reproduced. Weather conditions are also wonderfully depicted, both aesthetically and for the influence they have on the game and on the ball’s behavior. Another unique feature of the software, as opposed to many other full swing golf simulator  is that the realism of the physics is awe inspiring. The ball acts exactly as it does in reality to the wind, the rain, the different grain of the grass. Then the game simulates, in real time, the passing of time… So you see the lights and shadows changing during your full round. I think this is one of the things that most makes the experience with this simulator almost indistinguishable from a real game. To sum up, this is the best virtual golf gaming experience you can live.

Included in the software, there is also a practicing section. With this you get a lot of golf training aids. You get a detailed overview of your swing: speed, club head speed, ball speed, clubface angle, height of the impact with the ball, properties of the spin.


Anyway, the high level of immersion in the simulation is granted also by the fact that the ball path starts exactly in the instant in which you hit the screen with the real ball. This also differentiates this machine from many of the competition’s.

Here I briefly report the Cons and Pros :


– Not for all given the price;

– Sometimes the shipping was slower than the promised 6 weeks;

– Expensive replacements;


– Incredible realism and fun;

– Alluring aesthetics of the apparatus;

– High durability;

– Top notch shot tracking and analysis

– Good customer sevice;

– Scalable;

So, in brief, I’d say this is the best home golf simulator, or venue, or club or hotel, golf simulator, for all that matters.

An absolute MUST for serious Players, teachers and various business owners (consider: you can force prospects to hang around in your premises with this beauty at their disposal).

Hope to have followed my duty with this other golf simulators for sale review.

Feel free to drop me a line for any concern with which I can help you.




  1. I am looking for a quality golf simulator for use in a teaching studio in golf club. Would need it to have a track man unit integrated and expand-ability to a multi-Sport unit. Please advise of your recommendation
    I can be reached at 732-303-9330 ext. 6 Thank you


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