Pros And Cons To Buying A Refurbished Quiet Generator


Many RV parks and campgrounds are implementing new, stricter standards on the noise level that will be tolerated. In response, most generator manufacturers have started producing quieter models that can produce the needed power while operating at a sound level that is comparable to a human speaking in a normal voice.

 Unfortunately, the prices for these quieter models can be high when buying new generators for sale. Some people seek to buy a refurbished quiet generator instead of a new one. Let’s take a look at some of the reconditioned and refurbished quiet generator pros and cons.


At the top of the list of pros for buying a refurbished quiet generator is price. One can generally get a refurbished one at about half the cost of new.

Buying refurbished, rather than simply used means that the generator has been serviced and had any damaged parts replaced so that it is as close to new condition as possible. The advantage here is that even though it is not new, you can rest assured that the refurbished generator will perform as it is supposed to at need.

There is no “break in” period with a remanufactured refurbished quiet generator. The engine has already been run enough to take care of breaking it in.


On the con side of buying a refurbished quiet power generator is the fact that it is used and will not have the life expectancy of a new one. This does not mean that it won’t last a long time if maintained properly, but it will not last the way a new one would.

The odds are good that the refurbished quiet generator will produce more noise than the same model of new generator. This is because the muffler and the sound deadening case if the generator has one, will both be worn, allowing more sound to leak out. Remanufactured types include diesel, electric, gas, wind, and portable generators.

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