Propane Usage For Your Portable Generator


Propane usage varies for portable generators, some of which can use other fuel as well. Let’s take a look at a couple of the portable generator options and their propane usage.

The first generators are 7 kilowatt select circuit portables, whose reviews describe as an economical homeowner power solution. One particular model has a .410L engine that delivers 25 amps. It can provide enough portable generator power to run your furnace, your sump pump, a refrigerator and basic home lighting. Its transfer switch has eight circuits. It can be powered by propane usage or natural gas.

Propane usage for this portable generator gives 7000 watts of power, while natural gas provides only 6000 watts continual. This portable generator has a circuit breaker of 30 amps, and usage of 1.47 gallons of liquid propane each hour. This propane usage portable generator retails for $2099, which includes free shipping.

The 12 kw model power generator has propane usage of 2.08 gallons each hour, with a 50 amp outlet per phase no matter whether powered by propane or natural gas. This model’s transfer switch is 12 watts, and its continuous power outage 12,000 watts for either natural gas or with propane usage. This power generator is one of the most popular generators with homeowners. Its engine is two cylinder and one liter. It can run a microwave oven, two refrigerators, basic home lighting, a sump pump, your home’s furnace, and your kitchen outlets so you can work your coffee pot and your toaster oven at the same time.

This portable generator, with propane or natural gas usage, retails for $2899. This one will also be delivered free of charge.

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