Propane Standby Generator: Why Propane Generators?


There are many different types of standby generators that you can get and one of them is the propane standby generator. This particular generator comes in different sizes and also different capabilities on how much power it can provide. If you are looking for a generator, then you will see that the propane standby generators are among the most popular.

So, why should you choose a generator that uses natural gas as power? There are basically a lot of reasons. One reason is the convenience it provides. This is because the fuel used is abundant and is readily available. Natural gas supplied in your home in pipes can be conveniently piped to get connected to the generator. This will eliminate the inconvenience of refueling as well as eliminate the risk of storing flammable fuel in your home.

Besides, you wouldn’t want to run to your nearest gasoline station to get fuel for your generator in the middle of the night, would you? Another great advantage is that it produces less noise than diesel and gasoline powered generators. Another advantage is that it burns cleaner, which means it will require lesser maintenance.

Propane generators also don’t have any problems starting in cold weather, such as on winter months compared to diesel generators. However, one main disadvantage is that propane generators produces lesser energy compared to its diesel counterpart. So, if you just need a generator that can provide power to a small to medium sized house, and that your home has gas pipes installed then the propane standby generator is the right generator for you.

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