Progressive International Vegetable French Fry Potato Cutter Review


This Progressive International Vegetable/French Fry cutter is made of plastic and stainless steel
Comes with 2 blades: 25 hole for large fries and 49-hole for small fries

The attachment for the 49-hole cutter gives you 3/8″ fries, and blade for 25-hole gives you 1/2″ fries so you have the option of skinny or fat fries.

Making fries at home will give you a fresher taste and a better appreciation of what goes into making fries.


  • Hand wash in soapy water.
  • Simply place small or half potatoes into shute and squeeze through for thick or thin fries
  • Comes with 2 blades: 25 hole for large fries and 49-hole for small fries
  • French fry cutter is plastic and stainless steel

Customers love this product because it is so easy to use. Cleaning the cutter will be a lot easier if you have a brush for cleaning. There are many cracks to be cleaned and places for potato chunks to get stuck while working with it, but the potatoes come off fairly easily.

One mentions that he wishes the base was a bit longer so that large potatoes do not have to be cut into smaller bits to fully cut with this potato cutter. Keep in mind that this size still works for potatoes and is meant for a ton of other vegetables too, so it was not made just to fit large potatoes. Progressive actually makes a jumbo sized one to handle this very issue that customers have mentioned.

What Customers Have Said:
“I have saw other products that were compareable but the other products cost more. This product made cutting potatoes easy. Im a small frame woman and I push the bar with ease.”

“I found it on Amazon and bought it.I am so satisfied with it.”


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