Proform Ab Glider Reviews


These Proform Ab Glider Reviews are the opinions of current and past users of this machine.
We think that asking people who actually have experience with the equipment is the best way to learn if it is any good. Unlike an infomercial, where the people in it are being paid to say nice things about the Ab Glider, these users have no reason to lie or make claims for the product that are not true. When I was researching the Ab Glider for myself I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of opinions out there on this machine. As a result, I decided to put together this site, not only for myself, but for other people to make an informed decision. I have trawled through literally hundreds of reviews that were scattered all over the net and compiled them all here in one place. I also summarized them so it is a bit easier to make sense of the huge amount of information available. Please feel free to leave your own Ab Glider Reviews as well as any feedback on the site so I can continue to improve it. Thank you for reading and enjoy the reviews!

Proform Ab Glider Reviews Summary

Would you recommend the Pro Form Ab Glider?

82% YES

18% NO

Positive points mentioned in the Proform Ab Glider Reviews:

It Works!: 125 Mentions

Easy to Assemble: 40 Mentions

Fun/Easy to Use: 21 Mentions

Well Built: 14 Mentions

Good Value for Money: 12 Mentions

Helped me lose weight: 11 mentions

Able to use without Pain: 4 Mentions

Negative points mentioned in the Proform Ab Glider Reviews:

Hard to Assemble: 21 Mentions

Poorly Built: 20 Mentions

Didn’t Work!: 10 Mentions

Sore Shins from Using: 6 Mentions

Noisy: 6 Mentions

Hard to Use: 3 Mentions

Unstable: 1 Mention

Please leave your own reviews or opinions on the Ab Glider by Proform below so that others may gain from your knowledge.


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