Proform Ab Glider Reviews

Proform Ab Glider Reviews

Proform Ab Glider reviews are essential reading prior to any potential purchase, due to the Ab Glider’s unique multiple direction workout system which burns twice the calories of similar exercises but is slightly more difficult and intensive. Rivalling the Ab Doer Twist in terms of flexibility and muscle diversity, the Proform Ab Glider enables users to perform an intense workout while avoiding neck, back and joint strain, thanks to its ‘off the floor’ workout support. With a robust steel frame and durable rotation track, the Proform Ab Glider is intended to be a long term solution to healthy, effective core muscle workouts. While it is by no means perfect (see final paragraph for specific details), the Proform Ab Glider currently represents the most muscularly wide reaching, calorie intensive workout available to the public. Neck and neck with the Ab Doer Twist for the crown of the “best ab machine“, the Proform Ab Glider is a very demanding ab machine that works and gives real results.

Based on Amazon Proform Ab Glider reviews page, product features:

  • Two motion capability: lateral (circular) and vertical (crunch)
  • Double motion burns twice the calories as competing machines
  • Diverse range of muscles worked out in addition to core abs
  • Steel frame for maximum durability
  • 180 degree off the floor track
  • 2 workout DVDs and food guide

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In today’s competitive, consumer opinion driven market, products need to earn the right to become popular now more than ever. To put it simply, gimmicks that don’t work will not last very long at all. Of all the countless “best ab machines” featured on television and fitness websites so far, only the TRUE best remain, the ab machines that work, and even then, users are still very critical judges, often blaming their waistlines on the machines rather than the McDonalds they eat every other night! It’s very impressive, therefore, that Proform Ab Glider reviews are overall rather positive, especially due to the fact that the workout is somewhat more difficult than with, say, the Ab Circle, due to the Ab Glider’s double rotation system: Lateral (circular) as well as vertical (crunch – towards the handle bars). With the exception of the Ab Doer Twist, the Proform Ab Glider is the only ab machine to offer these two popular motions combined, allowing not only increased muscular access (44% more muscles activated, according to Proform) but also twice the calories burnt. While this machine is somewhat more expensive than most other ab machines, the quality shows and the vast majority of Proform Ab Glider reviews agree as to the Ab Glider’s high quality and ability to provide results.

Among the Proform Ab Glider reviews, here are a few main positives that the reviewers have mentioned: Quick, easy assembly; ‘solid’ feeling when working out, even for heavier people; long lasting; large calorie burn for the work put in; feeling the ‘burn’ on many muscles, not just the abs or obliques. Customers are generally satisfied with their purchases despite the slightly higher price. As for results, the Proform Ab Glider reviews on Amazon report significant waistline decreases as well as changing shape of the body silhouette, i.e. the waist, hips, and obliques, popularly known as the ‘love handles’.

While the Proform Ab Glider reviews are overall favorable, there are nonetheless some complaints which the manufacturer, Proform, should address. One issue is the need for knee ‘cups’ and a soft cushioning for knees. People are reporting that occasionally their knees are slipping off the knee pads as there is little to keep their knees in place; furthermore, their knees are red after workouts due to the hard surface of the knee pads. Little things such as these could have made the Proform Ab Glider reviews excellent overall rather than just very good. The second issue which I believe, if addressed by Proform, could send the Ab Glider to the top of the ab machines league table, is that the vertical arc – by which you crunch vertically inwards to the handle – could be larger in order to accommodate taller people. At the moment, people of more than 6’0 will not get the maximum ‘crunch’ that shorter people would get from the vertical motion. Please note that the lateral (circular) motion is unaffected.

Overall the Proform Ab Glider is probably the joint best ab machine available, and it will probably be that way for a good while yet. If you’re willing to stump up a bit more cash and endure the more demanding workouts, the Ab Glider will reward you well in time.


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