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Started as a company that wanted to better the environment, the Primo Water Company has completely redesigned and improved the way that most people drink bottled water. Everything from their purification process to their distribution process and even their water coolers are more efficient and better for your health and the environment. The Primo Water Coolers take the traditional home water cooler and provides simple ergonomic updates that make them one of the best water coolers on the market.

Below we’ll take a look at the different types of water coolers that Primo offers. To see the entire collection of Primo Dispensers you can click the “See All Models” button above.

Primo Bottom Loading Water Coolers
Probably the best known Primo products are the bottom loading water coolers. This model is very popular for two big reasons: The first being because you don’t have to lift a water bottle, they are much easier to use and secondly, the Primo bottom loading water coolers just look better. Primo’s design matches that of other modern kitchen appliances giving you a nice contemporary look that also lends a bit of luxury to your kitchen. Also, the Primo water coolers are known for providing improvements such as: three temperature options (hot for teas and coffee, cool for instant mixes or protein shakes, and cold for crisp refreshment), ergonomic push button placement (so you’re not bending over to push a button), convenient probe hanger for when changing out bottles,Energy saving buttons (one for hot and one for cold),Empty bottle Indicator,and a Nightlight that automatically goes on once it gets dark to provide night time illuminationThe Primo bottom loading water coolers come in three varieties: glossy black, a dull stainless, and the deluxe brushed chrome design, so there is one that would go with any décor. And since the bottle is stashed away below, you are free to use the top portion to hold cups, fruit bowl, snacks, etc.
Primo Top Loading Water Coolers
Everybody knows what a water cooler looks like and does, and most people know about the different features that manufacturers have incorporated into them. But what most people aren’t aware of until they do their homework is the horror stories of poorly made water coolers; five gallons doesn’t seem like a lot until you have to clean it up off the kitchen or office floor. Primo takes the standard water cooler dispenser design and beefs it up by providing robust, high quality materials and many of the same clever design improvements mentioned above.Primo’s top loading water coolers come in three basic models: the classic white water cooler, a stylish black water cooler with stainless accents and a modern stainless steel water cooler. Each one incorporates the high tech improvements such as the three zone temperature control, the high flow cold water dispense mechanism and Energy Star saving technology such as the hot water shut-off.All of this, combined with their quality and warranty, is why Primo water coolers are the best selling water coolers on the market.
Primo Water Dispensers
One of the main reasons that most people buy the Primo countertop water dispensers is that they provide a modern and aesthetic look. Using modern stainless steel and plastic finishes, many of the countertop water dispensers provide the convenience of having water available anywhere while still looking classy or professional. Not to mention that Primo’s dispensers are fairly cheap making them a great affordable option.Take for example the black countertop dispenser (pictured above), it has:a compact design that works with both 3 and 5 gallon water bottles which allows you the flexibility to put it anywhereit’s fully assembled so you just take it out and install water bottleNon-skidding feet which is a simple design improvement that works wonders when trying to install the water bottleand it has a nice modern black plastic design and it’s under $50!

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