Primal Fleshlight Review


Suzie Carina Primal Fleshlight Review


This Primal Fleshlight review will explain how fucking the Primal Fleshlight feels like fucking a sexy cheetah. The Primal Fleshlight is a wild animal, so you better pack a big gun to “shoot” it all over. Our Primal Fleshlight review will cover the variety, intensity and tightness of this Fleshlight. This Flashlight will help you release the primal urges that you have been building up. The tight gaps and elongated bumps pack enough sensual punch to make you explode in 1, 2, and 3. This Fleshlight is considered by many (including us) to be the second greatest Fleshlight, after the best Fleshlight, of course. The features within the Primal Fleshlight come together very cohesively and there is really no room to take a breather once inside. The Primal Fleshlight is essentially a warm, wet hole that will demand cum every use. There is no escaping the elongated bumps and tight gaps. Well, maybe for the elongated bumps because they don’t appear until the second half. You could go in 50% (or 100%??) to keep yourself clear of these elongated bumps, as they are vicious.


The first tight gap comes as an intersection between both halves of the Primal Fleshlight. Up until this moment, you thought you had it easy, stumbling across the first half of the Primal Fleshlight. While the first half might not be so intense, the second half is fucking insane. The canal narrows significantly, the elongated bumps come out of the walls to kiss your cock, and then you come across it. It, the final hurdle of the Primal Fleshlight, the tightest gap you have ever felt. “What should I do?” You think to yourself, “How can I possibly squeeze through this?” Then you find the core strength and courage, to brave the unknown and plunge into the primal ecstasy that is the Primal Fleshlight’s last bump section.

Straight out of Africa

In terms of variety, our Primal Fleshlight review scores this Fleshlight high. The Primal Fleshlight has all of the best Fleshlight features, tight gaps, elongated bumps, narrowing canal structure, etc. We like variety but there are plenty of Fleshlights out there where low variety is numbingly orgasmic (check out our Bulletproof Fleshlight Review). Don’t worry, you will have too many orgasms with the Primal Fleshlight to even care. The Primal Fleshlight is an excellent bet if you are new to Fleshlight. (If you are new, you can check out our How to use a Fleshlight page.) For intensity, our Primal Fleshlight review score this Fleshlight high. The Primal Fleshlight gets more intense the deeper you go. This is pronounced because of the great difference of canal structure between the two halves. The first half is just boring because it doesn’t provide any difficult obstacles for you to slide by. But the second half is rival to some great Fleshlights, check out our Cougar Fleshlight Review or Bookworm Fleshlight Review. In terms of tightness, the Primal Fleshlight’s first half is not that tight but the second half is very tight. This midway adjustment of the canal structure makes the Primal Fleshlight very exciting to play with, especially at that midway point.


Our Primal Fleshlight Review reveals this is a very good Fleshlight. A runner up to the Destroya Fleshlight and just a great overall canal design, holding back at first and then delivering the punch after midway. This dynamic makes the Primal Fleshlight different from most other Fleshlights. For our Primal Fleshlight Review, we award this Fleshlight an overall score of 9/10.



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