Pressure King Pro Reviews 2019


Pressure king pro reviews

Technology has revolutionized many aspects of our lives. And now it has made tremendous changes to the way we cook. We use to spend lots of time cooking, but what happens if the kids are seriously angry and our normal traditional way of cooking can’t get the food ready on time? The answer to this question is not far-fetched.

The Pressure King Pro Cooks is designed to change the way we cook in today’s modern day life. Now you don’t have to spend too much time preparing your favorite meals anymore. It is said to prepare meals with pressured steam that systematically locks in the food’s flavors, vitamins, nutrients, and vitamins.

However, if these claims are true, then it means you won’t only be cooking fast, but ensuring every meal contains and supplies the required nutrients without losing any. So let’s get down to business. Does this pressure king Pro live up to the hype? Or is the product a scam? Let’s do some facts finding right away.

Features: Dimension, Weight, and Capacity

The Pressure King as commonly called claims to be a 20-in-1 cooking machine. The manufacturers claim it can help you cook a variety of fruits, vegetables, and foods.

The Pressure Pro Cooker is taunted as a suitable replacement for smoker, oven, microwave and rice steamer because it offers what each of them can provide and even more. It is also said to take up only 14” of counter space, thus leaving behind more than enough room for you to have for other kitchen utensils on. The cooker measures H36, W34, and D33cm.

With the company claiming that the Pressure Pro Cooker can replace other cooking systems, because of its function, it means you will have the opportunity to remove other cooking gadgets you don’t need any more to create more space in your kitchen.


It is a good idea to first consider the amount of space in your kitchen before buying any appliance. A crowded kitchen would not be safe or comfortable for cooking.

Another area of concern is the capacity. Many suggest that families of at least four should acquire a 6-litre capacity pressure cooker. While this is helpful, placing such a big-sized pressure cooker in the kitchen will use up too much space on the counter top or table.

The Pressure King Pro cooker is available in the 4 liters and 5-litre versions. And even with this capacity, most people will still have some limitations. The 6-litre pot is big enough to occupy a whole chicken. Therefore, depending on your needs, kitchen space and budget plans, choose the capacity of cooker that suits you.

Features: Maintenance & material

Maintenance is a major challenge when dealing with Pressure Cookers. Most cookers are not easy to clean after use. They are not dishwasher safe. The manufacturers of the Pressure King Pro claim that their Pressure cooker is dishwasher safe and also very easy to clean up.

Features: Construction and materials used

The Pressure cooker, according to the company is made of premium stainless steel on the outside, with aluminum on the outer part. They claim the Pressure King is not sticky and that you can easily wipe it clean and use repeatedly.

Not everyone is good in cooking, agreed! And also, knowing whether a particular food is ready isn’t that easy without you first checking or tasting it. The Pressure King Pro claims to have 12 pre-programmed cooking functions to help you cook that delicious meal for you and your family anytime.

It claims to have a different function for various meals like fish, meat, vegetables, stew/soup, rice, pasta, bake, cake, egg, cereals, yogurt, and pizza. It is said to perform these functions with just a push of the button. Meaning, you don’t need to stress yourself once the food enters the cooker.

Regarding safety and ease of use, the Pressure King Pro claims to stand out of the crowd. It comes with a sleek chrome design as well as easy-to-read LED displays for users to have a precise idea and monitor what they are cooking. With this feature, you can easily find your way around this cooker even though you are a novice. The picture button on the device also makes using it more convenient.

Additional Features of the Pressure Cooker

The Pressure King comes with a book that contains over 50 recipes. It includes a guide on how to prepare a variety of dishes from slow cooked hearty stews, creamy risottos, fluffy, down to wholesome soups. The manufacturer claims that you can also cook your favorite pasta dishes with the Pressure King and cook a full chicken in less than 25 minutes.

The 24-hour delay timer function is another feature the company claims stands this cooker out of the crowd. They claim you can just switch it on before leaving for work in the morning and food will be ready before you get home without over-cooking your meals or burning down the house.

Your food will always stay warm and ready for consumption as the “Keep Warm” mode the company claims will set itself up automatically to keep your food heated and ready.

The Pressure King is taunted to heat up foods more than 90% faster than any other conventional methods. For meals you can cook with other methods for hours, the Pressure Cooker claims it can prepare them in a matter of minutes. The Cooker is also said to lock in all the flavors, vitamins and seasons and nutrients to ensure you will not just be eating any meals but something more nutritious and delicious.

Where the product is Manufactured and Warranty

The Pressure King Pro is a product High Street TV, an internationally recognized multi-channel retail business, precisely based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Founded in 2008, they are one of the innovation-driven companies recognized by Sunday Times Fast Track 100 and others. The Pressure King Pro is one of the electric cookers approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute.

The company offers a one year warranty to show that their 5 liters Pressure Cooker can be trusted.

Advantages of the Pressure King Pro

  • There isn’t always much cleanup work to do after cooking. The cooker’s airtight lid will help keep the food well locked up, thus avoiding odors, oily-splatters, and residue that usually arise during cooking. So in all, it offers a cleaner kitchen.
  • It is an upgrade from other electric pressure cookers in the market, with more functions to help users get what they want. It has 12-pre-programmed cooking functions and can cook different types of meals
  • The design is quite beautiful. It will add more color and sharpness to your kitchen.
  • The inside is fabricated with high-grade steel material which does not rust. It is also dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Disadvantages of the Pressure King Pro

  • There are just too many functions on this cooking gadget. In fact, not everyone will use the system function on this pressure cooker.
  • Food that needs to dry up at the end of cooking gets stuck at the bottom. An example is when cooking rice.
  • The 5 liters pot size might not be enough for some family sizes. The bigger 6 liters will make a fine option in most cases.

Final Verdict

Looking at the function of this electric cooker, it will make a fine option. But for people with a large family size and enough kitchen space, going for a bigger one isn’t a bad idea.

The Pressure King Pro will make a great option for an average family. And considering the price point, and value for the money, it is worth the investment.

Customer Reviews

  1. Got this for my wife last year for Christmas and she’s still using it after two years. My only challenge is my family is becoming huge, and something bigger would be better at this moment. But overall, this thing is the bang for the buck.

Mike, UK….*****5STARS

  1. If you are not using this electric cooker, then you don’t know the importance of what eating healthy meals and spending less time in the kitchen can d for you. All my sufferings ended ever since I got this great machine. I cook at will and enjoy cooking now, unlike before. Great to have in the home. Please, darlings, save your wives the stress and get it fast. You too will benefit from healthy and nutritious meals, too. Don’t you think so?

Brooke, USA….. *****5STARS

  1. Oh! What a relief. I have only had this cooker for four days and guess what, I made all different dishes from stews, soups, curry, and everything came out nice. In fact, better than my old cooking appliance. It was also very simple to clean and didn’t take up much space as I expected.

Jane D….USA ….. ***** 5STARS

  1. Whether you know how to cook or not, still get this pressure cooker. I am impressed with the quality and value for money this pressure cooker offers. I now have the opportunity to cook whenever I feel like for my family.

Mrs. Amanda…. UK *****5stars


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