Predator Inverter Generators



Portable inverter generators are commonly used by recreational enthusiasts and by home owners for additional AC power supply.  A portable inverter generator is a small, compact, portable generator that will transfer DC power into AC power within the generator.  The AC power that the portable inverter generator provides is similar to those found in a standard building or home outlet.  This is some of the latest technology in portable generator design and the inverter technology is available in portable diesel generators, propane or LP generators and can even be useful when it comes to outdoor lighting such as portable light towers.  This generator is compact, fuel efficient and very quiet when running.  If you are seeking additional power extended from your office, medical facility, trailer, RV or home a high quality portable inverter generator from TEMCo is the generator for you.

Features of a Portable Inverter Generator

  • Clean burning
  • Operates an average of  2 -10 hours on one tank
  • Extremely quiet
  • Fuel efficient
  • 120 Volts non-fluctuating safe electricity
  • Available in unleaded, propane and diesel fuels
  • Brushless alternators
  • Most models have wheel base for easy mobility
  • Digital or manual controls
  • External control box with cover
  • Excellent for RV, camping, outdoor events, rural areas, powering small appliances, AC units, machinery and electronics

Affordable Portable Inverter Generators

Portable inverter generators are an affordable power supply product that can be very versatile.  Portable inverter generators have an advanced design, are used for specific applications, are small, light weight and affordable.  The portable inverter generator is designed for power enhancement or portable AC type power.  It not to be used as automatic backup emergency power (for power failures) such as standby generators.  TEMCo is one of the largest distributors of portable inverter generators in the United States.  Our warehouses contain only the top rated manufacturers with whom we have had long-term partnerships.  Our large inventory, excellent reputation and volume of sales allows us to pass the savings onto to you, the consumer.  We offer most models of portable inverter generators below competitor prices and some manufactures are wholesale priced.

TEMCo Custom Designed Portable Inverter Generators

TEMCo was founded in 1968 to manufacture and distribute only the best products with the latest advanced technical designs.  TEMCo understands that not all products available on the market suit the needs of each consumer.  That is why TEMCo has a highly educated, field experienced staff of design engineers to work closely with you so that we may custom design a portable inverter generator that is perfect for your specific power requirements.  TEMCo will start from the beginning of conception or will take an existing manufactured device and tailor it to your specifications.  TEMCo has over 40 years of respected, proven custom design experience.  Call a TEMCo custom design engineer for customization of transformersmotor inverter,  PTO generatorsgenerator transfer switch,  mobile light towers and more!

Selecting your Portable Inverter Generator Made Easy!

With just one phone call, you will be able to discuss your portable inverter generator options, select a model, place an order and have delivery arranged.  TEMCo’s team of sales consultants will provide you with the latest product information and choice options that will match your needs.  When it comes to selecting a portable inverter generator, we will offer you the highest rated manufactures on the market today.   Let TEMCo experts do the work for you!  We will take away the time and hassle out of lengthy internet searches, many phone calls,  and the confusion that comes with the purchase of a portable inverter generator.  Our sales experts will make selecting a portable inverter generator easy.  You will feel confident in your choice with TEMCo, the only power supply company you can trust!


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