Pramac GSW35Y Diesel Standby Home Generators


Pramac GSW35Y diesel standby home generators have been specifically designed to take on the hardest jobs and provide quality and excellence each time. There are many features of this machine that are beneficial and here are some to taken notice of.

The Pramac GSW35Y consists of a 21 gallon fuel tank that is able to keep running longer than most other brands on the market. It has a Yanmar engine which has an induction system that is water cooled. It uses around 2.91 gallons of fuel an hour at 100 percent and only 2.19 gallons an hour at 75 percent.

These diesel standby home generators have an operating speed of 1800rpm and also has 4 inline cylinders and disposition. The exhaust emission for the Pramac GSW35Y is EPA TIER4. This machine also consists of an automatic control panel which is mounted on its genset. It comes complete with an AC01 control unit that is digital for better protection and control of the set.

This diesel generator can be purchased at a lower price which is beneficial for people who are in trouble financially. It is also backed by Pramac to provide quality and insurance that it will do the job that is required of it. This also has a voltage of 120 to 240 and has a dimension of 51 by 79 by 36 inches.

Pramac diesel standby home generators gsw35y model weighs a heavy 2098 lbs which helps it sit in one place without being moved by anyone who may try to take it without permission. This machine is also backed by a 2 year warranty which is beneficial if it breaks down before this time frame.

The Pramac GSW35Y diesel standby generator is suitable for many heavy jobs. If you are interested in a high performance and durable machine that is able to provide the power needed, then why not take a look at this generator to see whether you can find the benefits that others are. You may just even surprise yourself.

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