PowerPro 56101 Portable Generator


The PowerPro 56101 is a portable generator who’s main appeal revolves around its portability, even for a portable generator. It is, in every respect, everything that a portable generator should be. With a wattage too small to even run some washing machines, this is the furthest thing from a heavy duty generator and is definitely not something you’d expect to see in an industrial setting or used as a means of backup power even in small, two-person homes.

The upside to this is that the machinery is ridiculously small and runs fairly quietly. With this in mind, what exactly is the generator good for? Well, many things actually. For running small appliances or electrical devices such as lamps or a mini fridge, a generator like this can give you everything you need without finding yourself lugging around a giant piece of machinery. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Power & Performance

To be completely honest, this is where the PowerPro 56101 is lacking. While understandable, due to its reputation as being one of the most portable generators out there, it certainly seems worth mentioning. The PowerPro has 1,000 watts of startup power and 900 watts of running power, making it very lightweight. Because of this, it’s best for small jobs.

I will say that the performance, when using it for an appropriate job (one not too big), is excellent and there are no random shutdowns or performance issues to speak of. If you’ve got a low-wattage job to undertake and need a generator, this is just perfect, though bigger jobs are definitely going to require a bigger generator.

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Safety features

Because the fuel it uses is a mix of oil and gasoline, there is no need for oil changes. While generators which do need oil changes aren’t exactly unsafe, this ensures that no low-oil-related mishaps will compromise the integrity of the generator. It also has rubber pads underneath meant to keep the machine stable, lowering the risk of any sort of fuel spills which, while uncommon, can be hazardous depending on the environment in which the generator is situated.

Being a two-stroke generator, there’s also less need for regular maintenance, reducing the occurrence of safety issues related to human error. Once again, such complications are rare anyways, but it’s just nice knowing you have that added protection. It will also tend to add years onto your generator’s lifespan and increase its overall reliability.

Control panel features

The great thing about the generator’s control panel is that it has two different outlets, both of a different type. This makes it useful to a wider range of people and keeps it versatile in more situations. If you’re planning on traveling out of the continent with a generator, this is probably the one to do it with.

Other than this; however, the control panel really doesn’t have a lot of stuff going on. While it has all of the basic features (an AC and DC reset as well as a volt meter), you’re not really seeing anything extra outside of the versatile power outlet options.


This is hands down in the top 3 generators to travel with. It is extremely lightweight and is capable of handling any small, recreational job. In fact, it almost acts as more of a giant battery than a small generator.

If you’re going camping and have a small appliance or two to power up, this is also great. The portability of this generator simply can’t be beat. Its multiple electrical outlets are also a big plus as are its general lack of maintenance needs and oil changes.


This generator is absolutely not going to handle any medium or large-sized job. Considering that even a washing machine may be too much of a load for this to handle, you really can’t rely any it for anything but the smallest of jobs. If you have a car or other convenient means of transporting a generator, you might be better off with something else, considering a bigger generator will help you out in a wider range of situations.

The same could be said of those who only plan on keep their generator in the home. Unless you plan on doing some serious traveling, this particular product isn’t doing anything for you that others of its type can’t. In fact, its most likely doing even less. You simply can’t rely on this for all of your generator needs.

The verdict

If you plan on traveling any time soon, this is a great thing to have with you. If you’re on a farm or another equally large piece of land where you’ll be moving around a lot, this is also a great choice. It can also be a great tool to have in your arsenal alongside a larger generator simply for the convenience factor when lugging around a large generator doesn’t make sense. If you fit this description, I’d highly recommend this product. If you don’t, I’d say keep on shopping.

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