Powermatic Saws


Powermatic specializes in heavy tools such as band saws and table saws, and has been in business since 1921. Out of the Powermatic band saw catalog, the 14″ PWBS-14CS stands out for its size and power. The PWBS has a maximum work surface area of 15″ X 20″, with 15″ X 15″ of that functioning as a tilting surface for miter cuts. Powermatic’s patented Poly-V belt gives the band saw maximum power while cutting down on vibrations and noise level. The 1.5 HP motor should provide plenty of power for almost all woodworking applications.


Powermatic produces panel saws as well, including their HPS-67 3 HP panel saw. The HPS Horizotal Panel Saw has a large working surface area of 10.5′, and with precision ball bearings, the carriage slides smoothly and effortlessly. The heavy steel construction and strong welds of the panel saw prevent any distortion or warping found under intense load in some panel saws. The 3 HP motor should be more than enough power to go through any woodworking job with ease. The rip and cross cut fences on the HPS-67 are mounted on steel guide bars for the most accurate cut possible without any warping or distortion.

The Powermatic PM2000 is a serious contender in the table saw market. The PM2000 features an extremely powerful 5 HP motor that eliminates any work put before it with ease. The PM2000’s massive steel work table serves to get rid of any vibration and also provides plenty of work space for even the largest woodworking jobs. The PM2000 is loaded with advanced features, such as its Poly-V drive belt, designed to reduce vibration, heat build up, and noise levels. For a shop with serious woodworking needs, the PM2000 should be strongly considered.


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