Powermate PM0601250 Review


For many business establishments, the sudden loss of electricity means loss of income or profit. This problem is very common for business owners especially in places that suffer from a power outage on a regular basis. The solution for this problem is very simple. Every business establishment should have their own generator that can provide the power needed by the establishment. Most establishments will only provide power to machines and equipment needed for the business to proceed smoothly even without electricity. This is where the Powermate PM0601250 comes in. This generator set can provide the power needed in every business establishment whenever electricity is temporarily cut.


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The Powermate PM0601250 is the best generator set that can provide heavy duty service and power to a house or establishment. The engine is made by Subaru and can produce 22 HP. The automatic engine shut down when the level of the oil is low protects the engine from common damage that can be caused by low oil running. The PM0601250 can provide 6 hours of electricity when the load is at 50% capacity. The electricity output can range from 12,500 watts to its maximum capacity of 1500 watts. It has a large capacity fuel tank to provide long hours of service and a fuel gauge to determine the gasoline load.
The only thing that can affect the PM0601250’s performance is that it can consume large amounts of gasoline when it is fully loaded. 8 gallons of fuel can only last for 3 hours or more when the generator is fully loaded. The fuel consumption must be less, but it can perform longer than 4-5 hours even when fully loaded.

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Who could buy/benefit from this product?
Small gasoline stations and convenient stores that require emergency power supply when the supply of electricity is suddenly cut off can benefit from this product. This generator has 12,500 watts capacity, perfect for powering gasoline pumps and lights that are needed in gasoline stations. It is also perfect for convenient stores. This generator set can provide power to the entire store and still have enough power to provide electricity to computers and machines, eliminating interruption on different transactions. This generator set can solve all the problems that power outrage can give to your business and house. The product emits little noise and it will not cause inconvenience to your neighbors and home.
Product description
The Powermate PM0601250 is the perfect back up power source in your home and business establishment. This generator set has a 22HP Subaru engine built for heavy duty use. With just a push of a button, the engine will automatically start. It is gasoline powered, has V-twin OHV and automatically shuts down when the oil level is low. The auto shut down when the oil level is low prevents the generator from running with any oil, avoiding damage to the generator’s engine. The gasoline tank capacity is 8 gallons and it has a fuel gauge that helps determine the amount of fuel that is left inside the tank. The generator can provide 6 straight hours of electricity when at the 50% load capacity, but when it is fully loaded, the power duration can last for 3-4 hours with a full tank.
The control of the PM0601250 is a three individual panel set. The first one is 4 120V capacity outlets protected with GFCI heavy duty outlet and 20 ampere fuse. The panel offers 120/240V capacity with 50 ampere fuse and a heavy duty outlet. Another panel has a twist lock outlet that has 120V capacity paired with a circuit breaker protection. The individual outlets can provide less fuel consumption especially when there is no power pulled from the generator set. The PM0601250 also has two pneumatic wheels that are idle for transporting the generator set to different places. Easy grip handles also provide portability and can be folded for easy storage.
The Powermate PM0601250 only weighs 360 pounds. The weight of the generator set is reduced, making it more portable and easy to handle when transporting the generator set. This generator set is small but packed with enough power for business and home use. Back-up power is always needed especially during emergency situations, so having the best generator set in your home and business that can perform efficiently and provide the power you need is a must.
Product features

  • 22 HP Subaru engine V-twin
  • OHV gas engine automatic shut down when low on fuel
  • 8 gallon capacity gas tank made from a strong material
  • 3 individual control switches (4) 120V 20A fuse with GFCI protected outlet
  • (1) 120-250V capacity outlet with 50A fuse protection
  • (1) 120V with 30 A fuse protector and twist lock outlet
  • Two pneumatic wheels and folding handles for easy transportation and portability

The Powermate PM0601250 is the next generation of portable generator sets. Customers ranked this product with 5 stars, which is the highest for a generator set. The PM0601250 can perform for heavy duty purposes and can provide the power needed for houses and small business establishments.


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