PowerLine PAB139X Ab Board Review


Using a high quality ab board is one of the secrets to getting those rock hard, well defined abs that all guys want.

But not all ab boards are created equal.

You need an ab board that is stable, well constructed to handle your individual body weight, and one that will not give you a hernia moving around the house.

Under review is the Powerline PAB139X Ab Board. The PowerLine PAB139X is a strong ab board that comes with…

  • Oversized 8-inch foam rollers for maximum comfort
  • A full 22-inch back pad that accommodates even the tallest user
  • Sweat-resistant vinyl cushion covers
  • A heavy-duty steel frame
  • A full 10-year frame warranty

We looked for the PowerLine PAB139X online; and found that the price varies widely; so do your research. And most online sellers will also provide shipping included in the purchase price.

We ordered our PowerLine PAB139X from Amazon, and we received it four days later. Assembly was a piece of cake, and we had this ab board up and ready for use in about fifteen minutes.

The PowerLine PAB139X Ab Board – Well Constructed for Any Body Weight

The PowerLine PAB139X is a strong, sturdy, well designed ab board that should be able to accommodate most everyone’s body weight. I weigh in at 220 pounds, and the construction of this board feels like it could handle twice my body weight.

It comes with really thick and comfortable eight inch foam padded rollers that allow you to keep your feet and legs locked into position; even when you are trying to do oblique work.

It has a full 22 inch back pad that is long enough more most people as well, and the padding on the back pad is very comfortable. They also use a vinyl pad covering that doesn’t stick to your back when you are doing ab exercises without a shirt; and while they state that it is “sweat resistant”, it is easy to clean with a simple swipe.

The PowerLine PAB139X is a static ab board; that means that this ab board is not adjustable. Without breaking out a measuring device, the angle of this PowerLine ab board is around 25 degrees; which should be more than enough of an incline for all but the most strenuous users.

It is easy to position and move around the house; and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. This ab board comes in at 39 inches by 25 inches by 17 inches; and at 27 pounds, it is easy enough to pick up and move wherever you want it. It is also easy to store in an out of the way walk in closet when not in use.

But for comfort while in use, the PowerLine PAB139X is tough to beat. The padded rollers at the back of the knees and the top of the ankles provide adequate cushioning (you are not stopping halfway through your workout to massage sore body parts), and the back pad is soft enough that you will not experience any tailbone discomfort either.

The PowerLine PAB139X – Some Minor Improvements

The PowerLine PAB139X is a very strong ab board; but there is room for improvement.

The bench is only 9 inches wide down its length, which can make for a delicate balance on serious side ab exercises. But it is stable enough, and the pads at the knees and ankles help with your balance on this ab board as well..

And the back board is just a little short; it forces me to keep my head elevated for fear of hitting the back of it on the floor. And additional twelve inches added to the back board would have made this a spectacular ab board.

But it is still good enough; especially for the price. It is a strong and stable ab board that should be able to handle most people; and it is one of the most comfortable ab boards to use.

A great value, sturdy, intelligent design, and comfort while in use makes the PowerLine PAB139X Ab Board a truly useful ab board that should last for years.


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