Powerlifting Equipment


Powerlifting equipment and gear includes belts, straps, and wraps to offer support for the safety of your back, wrists, and other parts while you lift heavy weights.

The right powerlifting equipment is something that you’ll need to invest in, if you’re looking to start pursuing the sport.  Usually this means buying safety items, so that you can protect yourself from all the dangers that can befall any power lifter.  That means ensuring you have the proper protective powerlifting equipment to keep yourself as safe as possible.  But you’ll also need weights, as well as a safe surface to lift on, in order to get the job done the right way.

The main thing to consider, is the powerlifting equipment that most applies to you.  Something that every lifter needs in their arsenal, is a weight belt.  This will keep you safe and reduce the risk that you’ll suffer a back or abdominal injury, while attempting to lift extremely heavy weights.  They are meant to be fixed tightly over your waist, so that you reduce the risk of a hernia, as well as straining lower back muscles.  Another piece of extremely helpful powerlifting equipment that you’ll want to have is weightlifting gloves.  This way you can ensure there is no risk of a bar slipping out of your hands under any circumstance.

But in order to train properly, some more powerlifting equipment that you will need, are the weights themselves.  You’ll need to purchase an extremely solid weight bench, capable of handling the extremely heavy loads that you’ll be lifting.  Most power lifters can end up bench pressing around 300lbs and over, with squats being in the 400lb range.  That means you need a weight bench that can handle extremely large weights.  Also, you’ll want to ensure that you have a proper bar that won’t bend, or break under the pressure.  The standard weight lifting bar would snap apart under the pressure that a power lifter expects to place on their powerlifting equipment.  For this reason, you’ll want to ensure you have equipment that’s up to the task.

Something else to consider when it comes to powerlifting equipment, is purchasing the right type of protection for your floor.  The problem with lifting heavy weights, is that there is a huge risk of dropping them, which can completely destroy your floor.  But you can guard against this, by purchasing a power lifting platform.  These are specially designed pieces of powerlifting equipment that are intended to take the massive impact falling weights could have, without causing damage to your floor.  This way you can lift safely, and without worry for damaging the area around you.

You can find all the powerlifting equipment you need from most sporting goods stores.  There you’ll be able to find the gloves and belt that you need to keep yourself safe.  But you’ll also be able to find heavy duty weight benches and bars as well.  Although, when it comes to other powerlifting equipment like platforms, you may have to go through a specialty website, that manufactures products specific to the sport.  A site like GTechFitness.com for example, will have everything you need to lift successfully.


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