Powerland PD10000E 10,000 Watt 16 HP OHV Gas Powered Portable Generator Review


The Powerland OHV Gas Powered Portable Generator deserves to have been praised. This is due to the incredible output it produces running on gas. Marking this generator as one of the best generators of the same capacity will not be an exaggeration. In the long, hectic and dark days of hurricanes and storms this generator can become a true companion. This generator with some outstanding features is rated with 3.5 stars yet which is itself a great proof of its reliability. This generator is suitable to use at homes, offices, some working sites and construction areas. This is remarkable item on amazon with comparatively cheap rates if shopped from Amazon. Let’s explore this generator that what does it have to offer you.

Brief view on efficiency of the item:

OHV engine with horsepower 16 HP is the wonderful part of this portable generator which requires gas as a fuel to run. This generator is beyond hyperboles, able to run all the major and minor appliances of your home including air-conditioners, heaters, refrigerators and everything. If it is used in any work site, it can bear the load of drilling machines, projectors, computers etc. It is also workable for the areas which are under contruction, where electricity is not available to run different machines like pulley, lifter and so on. Wheel kit is given along which create this generator extremely convenient to mobilize from one place to another. One can even make use of this generator on camping and picnics. Thus it is concluded that this generator is, safe, sound, reliable and efficient for running electronic appliances smoothly anywhere it is cited.

Power specifications of this generator:

Key start switch for the handy start-up, volt-meter for monitoring the power, circuit breaker and power outlets of superb quality are incorporated in the generators to make them delivering the best possible results. Four point fully isolated motor is fitted for the suave and quiet performance in which users do not have to bear the overloading issues like fluctuation, tripping, smoke that is usually very common in other generators.

Other nifty features:

This generator is no doubt going to be your great chum when you are helpless with power outage in the worst situation of storm, heavy rainfall or hurricanes. This is a heavy steel body item that is strong enough to face all the harshness of weather and surroundings. Moreover the super-quiet muffler is built-in to reduce its noises. As people usually do not like generators because of its loud noises but the case is different in the matter of this generator. It is designed especially so that it becomes the reason of making one’s life problem free. Oil warning light and automatic shut-down ability prevent this generator from the expected damages. Moreover the wheel-kit mounted in this heavy body makes its recruitment easy and handy. This generator is proposed for customers with one year warranty so that if anything gets out of order during the warranty time, it will be fixed by the company for free of cost.


The weight of this portable generator is 229 pounds for shipping. There is a feasibility of fine quality wheels so there is not such a problem of porting it anywhere. The size of the generator is calculated as, 40 x 29 x 27.5 inches which is a normal size to place anywhere with convenience.

Average customer review:

Like many of the pieces have been sold out yet and those who are taking advantage from this item express their views in a shape of 3.5 stars feedback. Consumers are satisfied with its working capability thus far.

Concluded summary:

With the facility of shipping this generator is reasonable with the prices. It has so much to offer specially the smooth functionality. This portable generator runs on gas which is economical form of fuel to time. Moreover, what grabs the attention in a quick mode is its one year warranty by the company. Noise reducing muffler is mounted, so that the normality of life is maintained. The last but not the least fact is that this generator has no over loading issues. What more one could ever desire to have got from a generator in moments of electricity break-down?

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