Powerhouse Generators Review


Powerhouse Generators Review

Powerhouse generators are dynamic and reliable because they can power almost anything. The generators that Powerhouse offers are available in 2100, 2700, and 3100 watts. The generators can handle household appliances and air conditioners for homes and offices. The generators offer users a plethora of benefits that not only powers their homes but also provides efficient energy consumption.

Why Choose Powerhouse Generators?

Powerhouse is a top-notch generator brand because of its efficiency. Users get a variety of benefits whenever they use the Powerhouse brand. Here are the benefits a user gets when they choose Powerhouse over other brands:

  1. The generators are quiet and camping friendly because of their full enclosure and compact size which reduce noise.
  2. The generators have a variable speed control which adjusts to the load applied. Users can choose between high and low load to reduce noise and get the power they need for their appliances.
  3. The generators from Powerhouse have a built-in electronic overload protection mechanism.
  4. The LED lights help indicate the status of the machine.
  5. The engine of the generator automatically shuts down when it has low oil levels to prevent engine damage.

These are the benefits that users get when they use a Powerhouse generator. The benefits make life easy for users.


Powerhouse 1000i generator

With a 1.63 horsepower engine that can provide 1,000 watts of power, this portable generator is one of the smallest when it comes to Powerhouse generators. Being lightweight, compact, and with an easy grip carrying handle, it is the perfect generator to be used in campgrounds and in tailgating parties. With an emergency stop control and an automatic engine restart feature you are guaranteed safety. Click here to read more…

Powerhouse 2000wi Generator

The Powerhouse 2000wi generator provides efficient energy for users who like to camp and it is also ideal as a tailgate partner.  The 2000wi provides 1900 watts of energy and has a maximum output of 2000 watts of clean energy for camping and tailgate use. Click here to read more…

Powerhouse Ph3100Ri
This Powerhouse generator’s 6.8 horsepower engine can provide you with 3100 watts of power while still being quiet. In addition to its power, it has an engine reset feature that automatically restarts the engine if it shuts down for any unwanted reason. It also has other convenient features such as a built-in meter that tell you how many hours it has been in operation, and remote control that allows you to start the generator from up to 75 feet away. Click here to read more…



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