Power Max Generator Ensures Industrial Strength


Norpro has a generator series that is industrial strength called Power Max. Let’s take a look at a few models of the Norpro power max generator.

The Power Max Y Series generator is 25 kw of power, it has three phases, is liquid cooled, it is fueled by diesel and has a quiet electric start, and is priced at around or under $10,000. This Power Max generator can be leased if you don’t want to pay full price. A lease, depending of course, on how many months you lease it for and the rating of your credit, would run a little over $200.

The Power Max I Series generator, while still a quiet generator, has stronger parts and is a heftier more powerful generator with a little higher price. It is 1800 rpm, diesel powered and liquid cooled. The price on this is a little over or under $10,000 depending on where you purchase – do shop around a few online auction sites – but again you can lease this Power Max generator, and like the Y series Power Max, the lease price each month is related to the months you’ll commit to leasing it and your credit rating.

The largest, strongest, Power Max generator, is one of the I series, and has a price of around $18,000. Still quiet, its parts are also liquid cooled and run on diesel. It gives off 120 kws of power maximum with 108 continual, is three phase, and has a Marathon 4 pole brushless alternator. This heftiest of Power Max generators, it weighs 2215 pounds.


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