Power Air Fryer XL Reviews 2019


Power Airfryer XL Review

Ask anyone, and frying is probably the most commonly used cooking method in their household. There’s not a lot of process to it – just heat up your pan, pour in some oil, and get started! It’s easy, it’s straightforward, and it doesn’t require too much effort. So, there’s no wondering why it has become the cooking method of choice for people who want quick, easy, home cooked meals.

Of course, there is a downside to constantly frying your food. Health risks associated with fried foods are widespread and well-known. In fact, fried foods rank as one of the highest predisposing factors for cardiovascular disease. So, how exactly can you enjoy the convenience and ease of fried food without the risk? Invest in an airfryer, of course.

The Power Airfryer XL is a revolutionary kitchen appliance that allows you to fry your favorite food without all the oil. The outcomes are delicious, crispy meals and snacks sans all the health dangers that come with oily food.

Find out more about this state-of-the-art appliance and why you should have one on your kitchen counter by reading through our comprehensive review and guide.

More About the Power Airfryer XL

The Power Airfryer XL is a multi-purpose appliance that promises to reduce your need for oil, while improving the quality of your favorite food all together. Based on the manufacturer’s claim, the appliance can replace your frying pan, deep fryer, grill, toaster oven, and steamer. Basically, what that means is that if you can put it in your oven, you can toss it in your Power Aifryer XL for healthier results.

The appliance features a barrel-like body, equipped with a small screen and digital touch panel, and a small handle to open and close the compartment for ingredients. Inside the device is a non-stick basket made of copper which accommodates the ingredients during the cooking process. All of the parts inside can be easily disassembled and removed, and are also dishwasher safe for easy, hassle-free clean-up. You can also place a small divider inside the basket so you can cook two different foods at the same time.

Using the device is as easy as loading the basket, choosing your desired settings, and then waiting for the cooking cycle to complete. The device automatically shuts off after the cooking cycle is finished, so you can be sure that your food is always cooked to perfection. This also eliminates the need for you to keep an eye on your food while it’s cooking so you can get other things done while you wait.

If you don’t want to spend time adjusting the settings on your airfryer, the device comes with different pre-sets that you can press to automatically set the heat and time for your food. Some pre-sets include fries, meats, seafood, pasta, and pastries. For those who want to achieve more customized outcomes, the airfryer settings can also be manually adjusted. Dedicated buttons fine-tune temperature and time settings so you can cook your food the way you want it. All the information for the cycle is indicated on the airfyer’s screen, which is located along the front panel of the fryer.

Cleaning the Power Airfryer XL is a breeze with its non stick basket and easy disassembly. Just pop all the pieces into your dishwasher or simply put them through a thorough rinse to get rid of any food residue that might be left on the pieces.

Now, you might be wondering – how exactly does the Power Airfryer work? Well, the device uses a unique Rapid Air Technology which circulates hot air through the food compartment to evenly cook all the surfaces of your food. This eliminates the need for oil, and makes it possible for you to achieve perfectly fried food without all the effort.

Pros of the Power Airfryer XL

  • Oil-Free – Without the need for any oil, the Power Aifryer XL is definitely the appliance of choice if you want something that will help you create healthier meals for the ones you love. Enjoy perfectly cooked food every time – minus all the health risks – whenever you use the Power Aifryer XL.
  • Large Capacity – The Power Airfryer comes in two different capacities – 4 and 5.3 quarts. Depending on the size of the meals you expect to cook, you can be sure that there will be an airfryer that’s just the right size for you and your family.
  • Preset Programs – Seven pre-set programs make cooking fast and easy. Just pop in your ingredients and choose a pre-set to get started on your meals in less than a minute.
  • Effortless – The Power Airfryer XL eliminates the need for you to stand around, wait, and watch your food while it cooks. All you need to do is load the compartment with your chosen ingredients and wait for the timer to sound off so you can enjoy fresh, home cooked meals effortlessly.
  • Easy – Aside from being easy to use, the Power Aifryer XL is also easy to clean. Dishwasher safe parts mean you can just disassemble the device and pop everything in your dishwasher for hassle-free after care.
  • Versatile – There’s something about appliances that perform the role of a variety of other items in your house that make them much more appealing. The Power Airfryer XL makes it easy for you to say goodbye to a variety of cookware and appliances in your kitchen, saving you both counter space and cost.

Cons of the Power Airfryer XL

  • No View – The Power Airfryer XL doesn’t provide you a view of your food, so there’s no way to tell from the outside how the food is being cooked. The only way to find out if food is burnt or undercooked is by opening the device mid-cycle or by waiting for the entire cycle to end.
  • Basket Fit – The basket for the food doesn’t always fit seamlessly into the unit, so it can take some time and effort to securely close the compartment before and after a cycle.

What Buyers Think

The Power Airfryer XL is a heaven-sent appliance that’s guaranteed to take away your apprehensions when it comes to frying food. Ultimately, the ease it offers along with the health benefits of oil-free fried foods makes it a sure winner in the opinion of a large number of buyers.

Improving on the design of the basket to make it easier to slide into the unit, and allowing a provision for users to look into the device during a cycle would have made this a completely flawless product.


There’s no need to keep risking your health, time, and effort with food that’s fried the traditional way – especially with appliances like the Power Airfryer XL available on the market. This revolutionary appliance should help you get rid of a bunch of devices and cookware in your kitchen to save you time, money, and health with better meals and easier preparation.

If you’re in the market for a kitchen companion that will prioritize your family’s wellness and your convenience, then look no further. Make sure to check out the Power Airfryer XL today to find out just how it can improve your culinary experience at home.


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