Porter-Cable PC15CSLK Review


The Porter-Cable PC15CSLK is an excellent all-around circular saw for a very reasonable price. The powerful 15-amp 5,000 RPM motor delivers plenty of power and torque to handle most jobs. Numerous other features such as the laser guide and kerf cut indicator drastically increase efficiency and accuracy. Add in ball bearing construction and Porter-Cable’s proven reliability, and you have an excellent circular saw that will last for years to come.

Efficiency is of extreme importance on any job site in order to keep costs down and meet deadlines. This must be taken in account every step of the way, especially when it comes to tool selection. A feature that can shave a few seconds off of every cut will save many hours in the long run.

The Porter-Cable PC15CSLK includes several time-saving features, such as the spindle lock blade changing system and a powerful 15-amp 5,000 RPM motor that quickly and easily tears through most materials. In addition to efficiency, accuracy is of very high importance as well. It doesn’t matter how fast you can work if you don’t do the job right. Fortunately, Porter-Cable has put some thought into this as well, and included a laser guide and kerf cut indicator as well. The laser guide aligns the blade to the cut line with incredible accuracy, and the kerf cut indicator aligns to the blade to the indicator to make sure everything is exactly where it needs to be.

For years, Porter-Cable has been known for building high quality power tools that last through years of use and abuse, and that is even more true now than ever before. The PC15CSLK uses ball bearing construction to ensure everything glides smoothly, drastically increasing the efficiency and durability. The included hard shell case ensures nothing will happen to your precious circular saw while you are away from the job.

Porter-Cable PC15CSLK Review Conclusion

Nothing is more annoying than having to stop in the middle of a project to trade one circular saw for another, simply because the one you’re using can’t handle every aspect of the job. This leads to a whole collection of specialized tools rather than having one solid circular saw that can tackle all of your projects. The Porter-Cable PC15CSLK is able to handle most jobs with ease other than large industrial construction projects. With an easy depth adjustment and impressive cutting angles, it has no trouble getting through most projects. The spindle lock allows for quick blade changes if you are continuously cutting different materials, so you can still use one tool to handle each part of the project.


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