Porter-Cable Generator


Porter-Cable has increased its market presence by creating a new line of high performing industrial generators with powerful commercial engine using the state of art technology and advanced design alternators. These generators are unique and are generally used for industrial purposes.

Porter-Cable’s generators are easy to operate and maintain. They come with powerful high performing Honda GX engine. It is not only an impressive model from Honda but rather very powerful and comes with a longer life.

Its sensitive built-in components are protected using an optional cage. And with the highly evolved engine, the internal components do not get damaged easily due to over heating. Some models of Porter-Cable have Over Head Valve embedded along the engine, which cools of the system when, overheat.

With quality assurance working throughout towards making this generators flawless and easy to operate, what more could one ask for. Every aspect of the generator is quality checked as per the standards and epitomes laid out for the generators and then placed in the market. This way, Porter-Cable generators have been able to achieve outstanding remarks about their line of generators and uninterrupted power supply products.

They have developed an excellent fuel-efficient system. It is a must, with the rising cost of fuel. Moreover, it has controlled emission and adheres to the standard emission output permissible for any generator. Therefor, it helps to maintain the atmosphere pollution free and encourages clean performance.

With most advanced features and accessories, Porter-Cables generators belong to the top performing generators and manage to generate cleanest power. They have an increased run time per hour and are never hard on ears. It has and increased capacity to provide power on demand whenever and wherever required.

The engine generators total power output from 2500-Watts on the lower end upto 19,500-Watts on the higher end, which is as big as your wardrobe. These high-end models are mainly used for industrial purposes. One unique Porter-Cable model from its line of generators, H1000IS-W, has a surge Wattage of 19,500 but can provide power of 10,000 Watts. This model has a special place in Porter-Cable’s line up of generators, and has the capacity to start even the largest portable hand – held power tools.

Some of the models from Port-Cable include H1000IS-W, H650IS-W, CH350IS, PH350IS and H450IS-W. These models of uninterrupted power supply and gensets are predominantly used for commercial purposed though at times it can be used for heavy duty household purposes like using it to for bore-well, Air conditioner, high – power drilling etc.

They can be connected to many appliances all at once and perform excellently under any condition. They come in varied sizes and features. There are features added regularly to keep updated with the ever-growing technology and usability factor.

These generators can be used for large heavy-duty appliances requiring more power and performance with quick startup time. Owing to its large size and power, they find most suitable for industrial purposes. Therefore, Porter-Cable lets you unleash the huge power with a single push of a button!


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