Portable Solar Powered Generator: Power Anywhere, Anytime


When what you need is a power source that is quiet, doesn’t use fuel, portable and very lightweight, then a portable solar powered generator is what you need. Although it can only power small appliances such as lights small power tools, a small TV or the likes, this can be very useful in camps, fishing trips and hiking trips.

Being portable is its best asset, aside from the fact that you can recharge it for free, just by using the solar rays of the sun. Using a solar module, the solar powered portable generator harnesses the sun’s energy and stores it in its batteries.

Various designs available in the market could provide different sizes and designs that produce different wattages. The bigger the portable solar power generator is, the more power it can produce. This can range from an output of 40 watts minimum to 150 watts max.

Not much some may think, but what you get is a lightweight generator that you don’t have to fill up with fuel. So even if you ruin out of fuel, you can be sure that this generator will be charged as the sun comes up.

Some solar powered portable generators can also be charged through an a/c socket. So if you are going on a trip and the sun is clouded up, you can just have it charged through an ordinary wall socket and keep hoping that the sun comes out on the day of your trip.

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