Portable Propane Generator Reviews


According to online reviews, A & A Power Propane Generators offer exceptional power to a commercial or residential property when utility company’s electricity delivery is interrupted due to inclement weather conditions such as wind, snow or ice.

With a portable propane generator, says one reviewer, you can keep your freezer and refrigerator working, keep the blower on your furnace running and thus keep your water pipes from freezing – a devastating occurrence.

Even the smallest portable propane generator can run the lights and one or two small appliances. You may not want to invest in your portable propane generator but with the first outage you’ll recoup the money you put into it and more.

You will spend 40-50 percent less each hour on the running of your portable propane generator than if you bought a gasoline generator. You don’t have to store any fuel at your residence to run your propane generator, as the propane comes from the same line to the house that deliver the gas to the furnace, the water heater and any other gas appliances you have such as your stove or clothes dryer.

You’ll want to choose a portable propane generator that will accommodate your household power needs. Your choices range from 5 kilowatt to 60 kilowatt.

Some models can now offer the ability to sense when your electrical power is interrupted and automatically turn itself on and then, when power is restored, to shut itself down.

Many portable propane generators come with a full warranty. The most common sizes are 3.5kw, 6kw, 12kw or 13kw.

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