portable inverter generator


Inverter style generators are really amazing technological advancements over conventional generators. They are more fuel efficient, produce cleaner power, making them perfect for sensitive electronics, and they run much quieter. They also have lower harmful emissions, making them better for the environment and they are lighter and more compact because they can produce more power in a smaller package.

Inverter style generators are able to work so efficiently because they can run at variable speeds based on the power demand at the time. Most conventional style generators will always run at 3,600 rpm to produce AC power, regardless of the power needs of the devices you have plugged in. Inverter style generators will adjust their speed and use energy to supply power only when it’s needed. That way the supply of power matches the demand.

So why aren’t all portable generators inverter style? Well unfortunately they are much more expensive than conventional generators, often 2-3 times as much depending on the wattage capacity. Because of this I decided to look at inverter style generators in the small capacity size, 2,000 max watts. It’s just not practical or affordable at this time, at least until the technology is perfected and prices come down, to purchase an inverter style generator 4,000 watts and up. You’re talking several thousand dollars for one.


The best inverter style 2,000 max watt capacity portable generator is, hands down, the Yamaha EF2000iS. It is an amazing little generator, pumping out 1,600 rated watts of power using an engine that has an “Extended Life Rating” from the EPA. This means that the EF2000iS has an engine with a 500 hour life. That doesn’t mean it will stop working after 500 hours, it just means that the parts will start to show some wear and tear at that mark. In one owner review I read, a guy was able to run his Yamaha for 832 hours without any problems. Now that pretty incredible!

The EF2000iS is also amazingly fuel efficient. You can run it for 8 hours at 50% load on a full one gallon tank of gas. Most other portable generators are only able to get about 3 hours of run time per gallon of gas. This makes the Yamaha over 2.5 times more fuel efficient than other portable generators in this class.

The other thing to note about the EF2000iS is its noise level. The unit features a specially designed muffler with a glass wool noise absorbing design. As a result, at full rated load, the Yamaha will produce 61 decibels of sound from about 23 feet. 60 decibels is about the level of a conversation. At 25% rated load, the sound levels go down to just 51.5 decibels, which is about like background noise in a quiet office. In owner reviews, many people talked about how they even forgot the EF2000iS was even running because it was so quiet.

You also get a 3 year warranty with this model, which goes to show that Yamaha really stands behind the quality of their design.

The EF2000iS can be used for any application, from power outages at your home to camping and boat uses. This model is very popular with RV users because it’s so quiet, easy to move around (it only weighs 44 pounds), and fuel efficient.

You can read all about the great features offered and even look at a couple of videos of this unit in action in my Yamaha EF2000iS portable generator review.


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