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Portable electric power generators are very useful when extra power is needed. They work great in situations where other power sources are not available or difficult to get into the area. There are many brands and models on the market. Two examples come from Red Hawk and Sunwize.

The Red Hawk model is a 3,500 watt, 7 horse power electric start generator. It is a four cycle, single cylinder motor that is keeping air cooled. It runs on diesel fuel and can hold 3.3 gallons.

It can run continuously for 12 hours. It has a brushless motor for less maintenance. It weighs 290 pounds, but comes with a portability kit. The features include an automatic voltage regulator, low oil pressure shut off, vibration isolation, overload protection, low fuel indicator, and ground fault interrupter.

Sunwize portable electric power generators come in 3 models. They are an AC 12 amp model, and DC 12 amp or 30 amp models. They operate easily, simple plug in and use. The AC model has an external inverter switch.

There is a meter that monitors the battery. These models are durable with weather resistant construction and a non-breakable enclosure. These Sunwize models are all compact in size and easy to transport.

Portable electric power generators are good for many indoor and outdoor uses. Electric generators are easy to use and less polluting than other types. Each brand makes a variety of models that have many safety and convenient features. When power is needed these units can provide it.

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