This steam cleaner produces powerful steam that is very effective for deep cleaning floors. The temperature of the steam combined with its pressure enables this cleaning machine to dissolve and scrape dirt on any surface. It is also known to kill harmful or kill bacteria and dust mites which are mostly responsible for causing allergies.

Like most steam cleaner Polti doesn’t require cleaning agents or chemicals for cleaning, but with the power of the steam, it can disinfects your home making it hygienically clean while protecting the environment.


  • Hygienic—it effectively cleans all surfaces while disinfecting your home without using cleaning solutions.
  • 3 Variable Pressures—allows you to select the correct steam pressure that you need for cleaning specific areas or surfaces.
  • Safety Cap—the Polti patented cap is designed for safety measures. It cannot be open until there is a pressure in the broiler.
  • Accessory Storage Compartment—it is specially designed to store all the accessories without clutter.
  • Stem Handle with Child Lock—safe to use with children around. It allows a safety lock system to avoid accidental locking.

This steam cleaner is ideal for cleaning


The Vaporreto steam cleaner is found to be very powerful and very effective cleaning machine that cleans deeper and faster without using chemicals or detergent solutions. It can eliminate the most stubborn and the toughest dirt and rids off dust mites and bacteria that may cause allergies.

The British Allergy Foundation awarded Vaporreto its Seal of Approval for its effectiveness in eliminating dust mites. This steam cleaner is also found to be very effective in disinfecting your home. To sanitize surfaces and fabrics, connect Vaporreto to a steam disinfector, then steam clean as usual.


  • Hygienic Steam—It disinfects all surfaces in your home effectively even without the use of cleaning solutions.
  • Deep cleaning steam—it has a powerful steam purposely for deep cleaning. Its temperature and pressure are able to dissolve and then remove stubborn grease and grime.
  • Environmentally Friendly—it does not use a cleaning solution or chemical for cleaning thus helping protect the environment.
  • Accessories included—this steam cleaner comes with a set of accessories and tools to provide efficient and faster cleaning time.
  • Easy to Use-=-It very simple and easy to use, easy to set up.

The Vaporreto steam cleaner with their 30 years of experience in manufacturing steam cleaners can guarantee perfect and effective products.


This pocket steam cleaner produces a steam heat of 1200 that provides a total clean up for your home. The steam is known to disinfect all surfaces in your home including floors and kitchen & bathroom fixtures. The power of the steam helps to clean every part of your home better and faster giving you a hygienically clean home environment.


  • Hand held steam cleaner—allows an access to areas that are difficult to reach.
  • Easy Transport—it’s easy to handle and manage which allows you to transport the machine easily while cleaning.
  • 3 Variable Pressure—allows you to select the right amount of steam you need for the job at hand.
  • Added Accessories
  • Extension Hoses—used to clean areas that are difficult to reach
  • Brush Attachments—use the large bush for the floor and the small brush for more tricky places such as gaps and crevices.
  • Squeegee Tools—used to clean windows and mirrors leaving no streaks or marks.
  • 1200 Concentrator—can be used to clean and sanitize your toilets and bathroom fixtures, hobs and fridges or to clean grout and between tiles.

The Polti Pocket Steam Cleaner with 1500W motor power makes your cleaning faster and better. The powerful steam kills bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, giving you a perfectly clean home.


Provide an all natural cleaning system which makes your home truly clean without the use of cleaning solutions or detergents. It cleans and disinfects surfaces including floors and kitchen & bathroom fixtures using the steam alone. The powerful burst of dry steam dissolves and removes dirt and grease efficiently.


  • 3 Pressure steam—allows you to choose the correct amount of pressure that you need for more effective cleaning
  • Safety Cap—prevents accidental opening as it needs a pressure in the broiler to open it.
  • Accessory Storage Compartment—It has a built in storage for the other accessories
  • Steam Handle with Child Lock—it provides a safety lock system that prevents accidental locking, making it ideal to use even with children.

Polti Vaporreto’s special stainless steel broiler generates the steam under high pressure. The steam at high temperature combined with the pressure can effectively remove grease and eliminate bacteria


This is a handy steam cleaner that works effectively to clean and remove deep seated dirt and tough stains on all surfaces in your home. The powerful burst of the steam dissolves and removes dirt to provide you a well-cleaned home. It is light and easy to handle.

The Vaporreto Lux steam cleaner uses detergent but with a separate tank that is automatically released with the steam for more effective cleaning results


  • Hand held steam cleaner—Is used to clean surfaces such as ovens, hobs, grills including floors and bathroom fixtures
  • Portable—provides easy cleaning
  • Full set of Accessories—It comes with a full set of accessory tools to provide a complete cleaning materials
  • 3 Bar Pressure

This steam cleaner uses Kalstop that prevents lime scale build up allowing the steam to flow freely which makes the machine run smoothly thus reducing energy consumption.


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