point of use water heater


Instant Hot Water Wherever You Need It

A point-of-use water heater can be an electric tankless water heater, a gas tankless model or an electric mini-tank unit. These water heaters serve one or two hot water fixtures and they are installed close to the fixtures they serve. Because of this close proximity, hot water delivery is instantaneous. Consequently, point-of-use water heaters are often referred to as an “instant” or “instantaneous” hot water heaters.

Point-of-use water heaters are the best solution for hot water delays resulting from long pipe runs. They are, therefore, often used to provide hot water to fixtures in remote areas of a home, or in areas that are not connected to the main hot water supply. By installing point-of use water heaters in distant bathrooms in new constructions, or bathroom add-ons, you can save money on plumbing and material costs. A point of use unit can also be installed as in line water heater to supplement your central water heating supply.

Because of their small size, and because they do not not have venting requirements, electric tankless water heaters make ideal point-of–use water heaters. By installing one of these compact units under a sink, or in a nearby cabinet, you can have an endless supply of hot water to a bathroom sink, a kitchen sink, or a shower. Some of the higher capacity units can even serve a shower (or bath) and a bathroom sink at the same time.

Some of the very low capacity electric tankless water heaters can only serve one sink in warm climates. When selecting an electric tankless unit, you should therefore make sure that the unit you choose can handle the required temperature rise for the area where you live.

Some of the most popular tankless instant hot water heaters are Stiebel Eltron’s Mini Series, DHC Series and Tempra Series. Other recommended models are Bosch’s PowerStar Series. Eemax, Seisco, Chronomite and Titan also make excellent electric tankless water heater models.

Tankless gas water heaters have limited point-of-use applications in the home, because of the danger of gas appliance use in small enclosed spaces like bathrooms. However, many manufacturers of tankless gas water heaters, make weatherproof outdoor models that are designed to be mounted on the exterior wall of a house. To serve as point-of-use water heaters, these exterior models can be installed on the outside wall of a bathroom or kitchen or laundry room, and then supply hot water to the fixtures inside.

Rheem, Rinnai, Noritz, Paloma, Takagi, GE and Bosch, all make outdoor tankless water heater models. Some of these units are high capacity whole house models, but there are also lower capacity models that will serve one shower or bath, or one shower and a hand basin at the same time.

Electric mini-tank water heaters are under sink point-of-use water heaters. They mainly come in 2.5, 4 and 6 gallon capacities, and most can be simply plugged in to a 110V/120V outlet. These models do not provide an endless supply of hot water like the tankless point-of-use water heater models, but they do have a 7 gallon per hour recovery rate. The most popular min-tank water heaters are the Bosch Ariston water heater series, and units manufactured by Stiebel Eltron, Eemax, Rheem and Insinkerator.

Point-of-use water heater models are not only used in the home. You will find these instant hot water heaters in all kinds of non-residential settings, from restrooms in office buildings and commercial buildings to doctor’s surgeries. They are also being used more and more in RV’s and on boats.


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