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Brass Bullet Hose Review

Probably one of the unsung essentials of every home is the humble hose. Taking on responsibilities like watering the garden, washing the car, and even giving ol’ Fido a well-deserved bath, your garden hose serves a multitude of purposes that would otherwise be Herculean tasks.

Because they’re so used (and often abused), garden hoses often give in to wear and tear over just a short period of time. Exposure to heat, constant moisture, and frequent pulling, bending, and twisting, it’s no surprise when a garden hose finally busts and leaks. It’s also possible for a garden hose to burst at its connection to your faucet as a result of a worn out thread.

While you might think that garden hoses are inexpensive, summing up what you spend on faulty hose repairs and replacements can lead you to a total of close to a thousand dollars every year. Now, if you want to make some savings instead of keeping on spending for a garden hose that’s bound to break, it’s time you looked into the Brass Bullet Hose.

Considered the king of all garden hoses, the Brass Bullet Hose features a durable, reliable, and efficient hose design that promises you won’t have to buy any replacements in the near future. This state-of-the-art hose is impervious to a lot of the common damages that render run-of-the-mill hoses useless, which is why it’s definitely an investment if your garden hose goes through quite some use.

Wondering just why the Brass Bullet Hose is worth the buy? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide and review to tell you everything you need to know about this popular product.

More About the Brass Bullet Hose

The Brass Bullet Hose was developed in response to the clamor of homeowners seeking a worthy outdoor investment that wouldn’t give up on them just a few months after purchasing. Advertised by none other than Richard Karn, this top notch home essential has become one of the most popular choices for people who are tired of having to repeatedly replace their garden hose.

The Brass Bullet Hose Features and Specifications

This state-of-the-art garden hose packs a major punch in terms of durability and functionality, especially when compared to a lot of the other options available on the market.

The first feature that truly sets the Brass Bullet Hose apart from other choices is that it expands. This means that the hose increases in length when exposed to moisture, so you don’t need to purchase a hefty length just to cover the area of your property. Each Brass Bullet Hose can expand by up to double its original measurement. When turned off, the length of the hose returns to its original measurement, allowing you to coil it into a small cylinder that can be held with a single hand – perfect for easy, seamless storage.

Secondly, the hose itself uses a unique design concept that doesn’t rip, tear, or break so you can confidently bend, twist, and drag it all over your property without worrying about busting a leak. This is what the product calls its Dura Rib Technology which gives it superior durability.

With most hoses having issues with their connectors, the Brass Bullet Hose makes sure you won’t have to face the same problems. The hose comes with solid brass connectors that promise to maintain a leak proof seal around your faucet. The threads on the connectors are extra durable, so you won’t have to worry about the hose losing grip on your faucet if you decide to remove and replace them every once in a while.

Finally, the Brass Bullet Garden Hose promises to speed up your household chores and duties by giving you a strong stream and continuous flow of water – even if the hose itself is ran over, twisted, or otherwise weighed down on. The hose’s nozzle can be twisted to change the strength and spray of the water, giving you greater versatility for a variety of different household responsibilities you might do around your home.

Pros of the Brass Bullet Hose

  • Compact – Say goodbye to the tedious and clumsy process of coiling up a massive, long hose. The Brass Bullet Hose can be coiled into a handheld cylinder size, making it easier to store and manage before and after use.
  • Durable – With other hoses, lifespan starts ticking away the first time you turn on the faucet. It’s possible you may have to change your garden hose at least 5 times a year if you want to make sure you don’t have any leaks to deal with. The Brass Bullet Hose boasts a Dura Rib Technology that keeps it damage-free for much longer than typical hose designs.
  • Secure – Often, we find ourselves worrying about whether or not we’ve walked away too far from the faucet that we put stress on the connectors, potentially damaging both our faucet and our hose. With the Brass Bullet, you can be sure that your connectors won’t give in to the same damages that other run-of-the-mill hoses do. Its brass connectors promise a secure hold that won’t budge, bust, or give way to leaks.
  • Expandable – The Brass Bullet Hose takes pride in its ability to expand up to double the original length. This means you can save money by buying a shorter hose and then just leveraging the expansion to cover your entire property size.
  • Efficient – A bigger hose diameter means more water, for faster and easier completion of all your household tasks.

Cons of the Brass Bullet Hose

  • Inconvenient Shut Off – Unlike some hose heads that allow you to shut off the water straight from your hose, the Brass Bullet doesn’t offer the same feature. This means you may have to go back to the water source if you need to turn the water off.
  • Limited Expansion – Yes, the product does expand, but based on consumer reviews, the claim that it can expand by up to double its original length seems like a long shot. In actuality, expansion can be measured in just a few feet. According to some users, the most their Brass Bullet hose has expanded is at just around 10-15 feet.
  • Can Be Compressed – Unlike the manufacturer’s claims, the Brass Bullet’s flow is reduced to a trickle when the hose is obstructed by heavy objects like vehicles and lawn furniture.
  • Not Impervious to Damage – While the manufacturer promises that the product can be used for years without damage, many buyers have found that their Brass Bullet Hose needed replacement within a year of purchasing.

What Buyers Think

The Brass Bullet Hose definitely offers some pretty bold claims, but the concept itself is pretty impressive. The only problem is that some design flaws keep this hose from truly meeting buyers’ expectations. For instance, the limited expansion, the marginally improved durability, and the false claims of being impervious to obstruction make it something of a disappointment especially after all of its bold claims.


Although the Brass Bullet Hose falls short of expectations, it still performs better than other typical hoses on the market. Lasting up to a year, expanding up to 15 feet the original length, and offering a stronger flow of water, the Brass Bullet Hose can definitely be a step-up from any hose you’ve used before.

So if you’re willing to look beyond the hose’s failure to meet its bold claims, you ultimately get a hose that’s still better than any option you can find on the market.


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