Plastic Water Bottles


Can We Really Do Without Them?

Drinking from plastic water bottles has become a convenience that many consumers don’t wish to be without, despite the growing health concerns and environmental impact associated with consuming water in this manner.

Fortunately, there are healthier alternatives to drinking water from plastic bottles if you are scared to death of the potential health risks involved.

In any event, there are some circumstances under which consuming plastic bottled water may be a viable alternative.

One such situation is when the levels of a particular contaminant in your water supply exceeds safety levels. When this happens, your local water provider is duty bound to alert you so that you can find an alternative source of water. Your water provider may then provide you with bottled water or you might have to buy some yourself until the situation is sorted out.

Another situation where drinking water from plastic bottles might be necessary is when you have a corrosion within your home plumbing. This could result in rusty water or the leaching of copper and lead from your pipes into your tap water.

If you suspect your tap water has copper or lead in it, contact your local water company for advice or get your water tested by a certified lab. Alternatively you could call the EPA safe drinking water hotline at 1-800-426-4791. Also, using a whole house water filter and a faucet water filter can provide you with added peace of mind by removing copper, lead and other contaminants from your water.

Bear in mind that if you get your water from a private well or spring, those sources are not federally regulated. Therefore the onus is on you to make sure the water isn’t contaminated. If you find out that it is contaminated, drinking plastic bottled water is a better alternative.

Sometimes though, safety concerns may not be the only reason for drinking water from plastic water bottles. you could be doing so for aesthetic reasons. Depending on where you live, the specific chemicals used to treat your water may cause it to acquire a taste and odor that doesn’t appeal to you.

Even though that water may be perfectly safe, you may prefer to buy plastic bottled water in order to avoid that weird taste. Alternatively, you could filter your water, which would improve the taste and remove the odor.

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The best way to have pure drinking water on the go is to use a high quality home drinking water filter to remove the contaminants from your tap water and then pour your filtered water into a glass bottle.

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