Pitcher Water Filter


Low Cost Device For Clean Drinking Water

A pitcher water filter is a low cost alternative to bottled water and larger, more expensive home water filtration systems.

Just pour tap water into the pitcher and allow the filtration cartridge to reduce the contaminants in the water. The result is cleaner, healthier drinking water.

Pitcher water filtration systems tend to be cheap, usually under $30. They have limited effectiveness because of the small size of their cartridges and low capacities.

However, it is better to buy a pitcher water filter than having no water filtration system at all. After all, there are many contaminants in our tap water, contaminants that have adverse effects on our health.

City water filtration does what it can to reduce those harmful contaminants but residues of the contaminants still remain in the water supply.

Many pitcher filtering devices can typically remove chlorine, particulates, bad odor and taste, lead and mercury.

A Look At Common & Extraordinary Pitcher Filtering

Disadvantages of the Typical Pitcher Water Filter

==> Remove limited amounts of contaminants

==> Filters only around 30 gallons of water

Advantages of this high quality water pitcher filter

* Removes hundreds of contaminants from water by using an advanced multistage filtering system

* Filters around 2000 gallons of tap water which depending on consumption patterns, could last 6-12 months before a cartridge change is necessary.

More Reasons To Drink Filtered Water

Child obesity in North America is at an all time high thanks to the high calorie drinks and food these kids consume.

If you child is overweight, getting him or her to drink more water and less sweet drinks can aid weight loss. Problem is – ordinary water tastes flat and boring.

Water filtered by water pitcher filters taste a lot better than ordinary tap water. Your children (and your entire family for that matter) are more likely to drink great tasting filtered water.

Your guests can also enjoy the great taste of filtered water. No need to buy loads of bottled water at the supermarket and struggle to carry them home. Just filter ordinary tap water with your pitcher device for cleaner drinking water.

Highly Recommended

Using an activated carbon under counter water filter will not only remove more drinking water contaminants than pitcher water filtration but will do so at a lower per gallon cost.

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