Pirate Ship Bunk Bed For Kids


Let’s say you are having a themed birthday party for your kid and the theme is “pirates“. Of course, any pirate needs his ship. Where you can get one, you might ask? Well, it’s easy: the bunk bed that is already in the kids room becomes one! Because the pirate ship bed or the pirate ship bunk beds that you can find in the store are sometimes a little bit too pricey, I’ll show you a way to transform the bunk bed that you already have in the main attraction of the party.

Pirate ship bunk bed

Here is the list of items that you’ll need to build the pirate bunk bed:

  • a queen sized blue sheet
  • tape measure
  • a white twin sheet (a cream one could also do it)
  • black permanent marker
  • scissors
  • 2 dowels with 3/4 inches in diameter and 36 inches long
  • twine
  • brown twin sized sheets – 2 sets
  • packing tape
  • a utility knife
  • corrugated cardboard
  • Jolly Roger pirate flags
  • poster paint
  • and some pirate decorations.

Here are the steps that you have to follow:

1. First, you have to place the queen-size blue sheet on the floor in the middle of the baby’s room, in order to create the illusion of the ocean and put the bunk bed on it (exactly, ship in the ocean). At this point, the bunk bed should not be touching any of the walls.

2. Determine the length and wide of the bunk bed, as well as it’s height. Make sure to write them down.

3. Now cut two pieces of cardboard that are 48 inches  longer than the length of the bed and 12 inches higher than the bottom bunk. This will be the hull of the future pirate ship. Make the appropriate cuts using the utility knife. Piece together with tape two or three cardboard panels to obtain the correct size. Cut, in one of the cardboard pieces, a section that will serve the kids as a way to crawl in and out of the bottom bunk bed. Also, cut a section designated for the ladder.

4. It’s time to add some color to the ship. Paint  on the cardboard brown lines that resemble the planks that the soon to be pirate ship bed is made of. And using blue paint, create the water that splashes into the pirate ship bunk bed.

5. Your next step is drawing a line with a pencil that is 12 inches from the back of one of the cardboard panels. Now, against the back post of the bottom bunk, place the line. The panel now has an overhand of 36 inches on the front side of the bunk bed. Punch holes with the help of a sharp object in the front and back posts. With the help of the twine mentioned in the “required items” list, that is passed through each hole, bind together the cardboard to the bed. Do the same to all the bed’s sides.

6. Step six is pulling the overhanging edges of the front of the cardboard together and binding then with a piece of transparent tape.

7. For the mast of the pirate bunk bed, tie two 36 inches dowels with twine and form a cross. The lower portion of the mast has to be positioned in the center of the top bunk’s headboard. Try placing it between the bunk bed mattress and the bed’s rail and secure it using some twine.

8. It’s time to make the sail. Cut the white bed sheet into a 36 inches wide strip. Remember, measure it so it is long enough to be able to cover the space that is between the top and bottom bunk. Using the black permanent marker and some painting skills, draw a skull and crossbones on the sheet. After you finished it, cut eight small 1 inch holes from the sail’s top and bottom, bind it to the mast and the lower part of the headboard. Yes, with twine:)

9. Our ninth step consist of drawing. Again. Using the same permanent marker, draw some vertical lines on the brown sets of sheet and try to make them look like a deck. And most important, use these painted sheets to make the bed. The effect is pretty cool and your kids will love it.

10. It’s time for the kids to put their creativity at work. Let them decorate the pirate bunk bed ship however they want, using the Jolly Roger pirate flag (only for $5) and other pirate decorations that you have bought him.Also, let him choose the name on the ship and help him paint it on the cardboard hull.

TIP: use the space that is now formed between the bed and the cardboard hull for an imaginary prison where hostages can be stuffed animals or as a place for a fantasy treasure chest. Your kids will love that idea.

There you have it! The pirate ship bed is now ready to sail away in search for adventure!

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