Ping Pong Paddles – No Racket in its Often Underrated Importance


Ping Pong paddles are very important tools in the sport of table tennis. Obviously without them a person cannot play the game no matter how crazy good he is with the sport. Remember that while this equipment may seem very meek in appearance, selecting one that is right for you may be more complicated than you wished. There are many types of paddles out there and choosing the wrong kind can greatly affect your game. A lot of it has something to do with a person’s personal preference. Since there is a wide array of selection, any individual should be wise enough to really take time and get to know his options. The person should weigh every brand’s pros and cons and arrive at the best choice possible.

If you are in the market shopping for the best Ping Pong paddles that money can buy, then it will pay to really dig into the details of different types that are available. A beginner’s paddle will be of no use to a seasoned player. On the other hand, an advanced paddle design will be irrelevant to a beginner’s skill. The key is to use the sheer number of paddles to your advantage.

The Significance of Ping Pong Paddles to the Sport

Ping Pong Paddle

The sport of Ping Pong is a very competitive game and a very famous one at that. Being long part of the Olympics, it is not limited in the grand arenas alone but it crosses the boarders to be a game that friends can enjoy as a recreational activity. Because of this, it is sad that a lot of people have the tendency to take for granted just how important Ping Pong paddles are. More often than not (especially if a person is a newbie), folks prefer to buy paddles that are premade. This is just downright a waste of money because it does absolutely nil to improve one’s game.

A huge fraction of the success in the sport is with the kind of Ping Pong paddles that are used and veteran players know this. As a matter of fact, it will be very difficult – if not impossible – to see an experienced table tennis player who uses a generic paddle. This is because they know that aside from their physical skill on the game, part of it is because of the equipment they use. If you are considering the sport of Ping Pong then you might want to begin and give the humble ping pong paddle the respect it deserves. This is regardless of whether you are merely bonding with family and friends or competing professionally—it entails the same level of commitment.

Finding the Best Ping Pong Paddles Out There

Ping Pong Paddles

Is it really that important to get hold of the best Ping Pong paddles? Well that can be answered by the mere fact that not having the most suitable equipment can mean jeopardy to your game. The point is, the best paddles are different from person to person because no two people play the game in exactly the same way. That will naturally mean that the best paddle for one person is totally different from that of the next player. Basically, a person only needs to take a look at three major considerations in selecting the ideal Ping Pong paddles:

The types of Rubber  – each paddle’s face is covered with rubber that is especially designed for the sport of Ping Pong. There are just two points to remember: some rubbers are created to suit a defensive playing style and another type is made to benefit an offensive stance. Choosing the right one depending on your game style ups your game for sure.

The Grip – again, there are two crucial choices as far as the grip is concerned. There is what is called the “shake hand” that is considerably longer and there is the “pen hold” which is shorter. Depending on how a person controls his or her paddle, selecting the appropriate type can increase a person’s chance of better control.

The Blade – just like the rubbers used in the paddle, blades come in either offensive or defensive design. A person’s choice will greatly depend on how he or she plays the game and because the blade is the wooden part of the paddle itself, it also contributes a lot on the equipment’s overall weight. This is a very important matter for seasoned ping pong players. Some like heavier Ping Pong paddles while others prefer lighter ones.

In essence, purchasing a paddle for ping pong should not mean buying the generic ones.  If a person is really serious about the game, then he or she ought to be equally critical in getting hold of the proper equipment.

Banking on Quality Ping Pong Paddles

Top of the line Ping Pong paddles do not come cheap, this is because they are created to pass strict standards. From the type of wood that is used to the kind of rubber placed on them, there is not a single matter that is left to be sub-standard. High-grade paddles can cost somewhere between a hundred bucks and higher. Though in some cases cost does not mean the best, in the case of table tennis paddles this idea holds true. Think of having a costly paddle to be an investment. Think of it as making sure that you have with you a dependable tool in the event that you are face to face with an opponent. At the end of the day, there is nothing more formidable than a combination of great skill and an impeccable equipment to take you to victory.

Ping Pong Paddles can Only Get Better

Nowadays, everything improves with the help of modern technological breakthroughs. In the world of table tennis for instance, a lot of thought were poured into it to make it what it is today. Even though the Ping Pong paddles remained seemingly the same since they were first created. A person would have to pick up one and actually use it to feel the difference. However, as technology is always improving, it can be certain that we have yet to see the best paddle for the sport.

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