Pilates Mats


Pilates is a popular form of exercise both at the home and at organised classes. A range of pilates DVD’s makes it an exercise that is easy to pickup and makes it suitable for those with varying levels of fitness. Pilates is a great exercise for strengthening your core body and therefore used by people of all ages and ability and helps other forms of exercise such as running, football, rugby and golf by providing a good all over body workout. If you are performing pilates it is worth investing in an exercise mat as this does help protect the body and the exercise surface when performing routines.

Our range of Pilates Mats

Yoga Mad NBR Pilates Mat

fitness mad Pilates Core Fitness Mat

Nike Yo-Girl Pilates Mat


Guide to choosing a Pilates Exercise Mat

Pilates mats tend to come in a thickness of around half an inch thick. This is to provide the right level of cushioning required for pilates exercises. Pilates mats tend to be quite firm as well so as to provide the right level of support for the impact in pilates.

Rubber is a good material for pilates mats as it is wipeable and can be easily rolled up for storage when not in use. The maternial should also be comfortable to lie on and to kneel on since pilates uses these techniques.

With pilates offering exercises good matwork exercises including exercises that involve lying on the floor it is best to get a mat that can stop most of your body from contact with the floor. This provides a good level of support for the whole body and stops you slipping when performing strenuous holding exercises.

Pilates mats being very flexible they do roll up and are easy to store. Some will come with holdalls so that if you do exercises in more than one location you can transport them easily.


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