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Easy to use Philips Senseo Coffee Maker


philips senseo coffee maker

The Philips Senseo Coffee Maker is an amazing coffee machine which is manufactured to serve one or two cups of coffee at a time. This senseo coffee maker is very easy to use. Just with a touch of a button you will have your instant brew ready. Also you can have your coffee in whichever way you like be it black coffee or expresso or normal one, Philips has come up with an all in one solution. You have the choice to select from one or two cups of coffee that you want from a onetime brewing process. You will not have to add anything or work hard to get the perfect blend of coffee that u want. Philips Senseo Coffee Maker will serve your purpose n the best way.

Philips Senseo Coffee Maker is a pod based coffee maker. A pod is a packaged coffee bag just like tea bags. Each pod is filled up with measured amounts of ingredients for two cups of coffee. There are a huge number of flavoured pods available in the market. And for the ease of first time users Philips provides a sample coffee pod along with the Philips Senseo Coffee Maker kit. These pods are use and throw bags, thereby saving you from cleaning effort. But you must make sure to buy pods with the latest date of manufacture this gives you a better quality of coffee. There are two different slots inside the coffee maker each for a single pod.

Easy to use Philips Senseo Coffee Maker

Easy to use Philips Senseo Coffee Maker

Steps of brewing in Philips Senseo Coffee Maker:

  • Fill the water reservoir at the back of the machine with plain drinking water up to the maximum level mark.
  • There are two types of pod holders a single and another double pod holder slit. Choose the required one and load your pod correctly.
  • Close the top of the coffee maker and lock it.
  • Press the button in the middle. It will flash lights. The moment it stops flashing the coffee will be ready.
  • It is advisable to leave the coffee inside the brewer for 30sec more than the finishing time for a better smoothness of the coffee cream.
  • Generally a Philips Senseo Coffee Maker produces a lukewarm coffee measuring around 140 Fahrenheit leaving it longer may rise up to 160 Fahrenheit.
three in one philips senseo coffee maker

three in one philips senseo coffee maker

The senseo produces Gourmet coffee which comes in four different types of pods. Mild, medium and dark roast are the three kinds and the fourth is decaffeinated. You can customise coffee roast as per your choice of richness in your coffee. Within a minute you will get a freshly prepared coffee without any messy coffee grounds or filters. The filtration is also internally done by the pod bags which drain the particles and infuse the flavours in the coffee. The parts of the kit are all removable and dishwasher proof so you can easily wash it up along with other utensils. The senseo have got their own pod size and thus Philips manufactures its whole range of coffee pods to suit the Philips Senseo Coffee Maker.

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