Philips SatinSoft HP6520/01 Wet & Dry Epilator with Skin Care System with exfoliation brush


With the advancement of technology, numerous high-tech devices sprung all over the market nowadays. These products have gained much popularity among consumers and not to mention products such as epilators. Epilators are small devices containing many tweezer heads that remove hair as you run it across the surface. This product attracts a lot of consumers as this is new to one’s ears. Far from the used-to hair removal routines and treatments, people opted this new way of hair removal for many reasons.

As consumers of these various products, we must be careful enough in choosing the appropriate product that gives satisfying result after. Many times due to its tempting endorsement and flashy features, we are caught in between but end up regretting purchasing it.

That is why I am very keen to the new products being endorsed and really read a lot of reviews about it before buying. I am gifted with much hair growth that gives a pain in the neck. I was already pissed off by the cuts razors have given, pain from waxing and excruciating pain from plucking. This feeling of insanity cannot be avoided if you are at a loss. Good thing epilators came out but still have to choose the best one ever.  Thus, I made a choice of purchasing Philip SatinSoft HP6520/01 Wet and Dry Epilator with Skin Care System with exfoliation brush and made no regrets after all.

Product Key Features

The efficacy of the product has been tested for I have been using this for quite a long time already. I like it so much for it has cool features in it. Philip SatinSoft epilator with skin care system fully protects the skin against pulling and escalates hygiene. To maintain beautiful skin, it includes exfoliation brush to reveal even more radiant and glowing skin. It has gentle tweezing discs that use hypo-allergic ceramic and silver-ion advanced technology. It helps in eliminating hair without pulling skin. I never have to worry about ingrown hairs or skin irritation. I can choose also the right speed as preference as it offers 2 speed buttons. Moreover, it has fully washable head for optimal hygiene. It gives me full convenience as it is cordless and can be optimized for 40-minute operation after an hour charge. It really gives you no headache at all. It also includes a massage bar that vitalizes and soothes the skin during the epilation process. Plus it has sensitive area cap specifically adapted for more sensitive skin and avoid skin agitation. This allows subtle epilation in delicate areas. Another standout feature of this product is the ability to use this wet or dry. I take it to shower with me and epilate under soothing warm running water. The heads are detachable for easy cleaning access and hygienic purposes. Philips does care about the environment and society at large, and vigorously backs up eco-design of products. Using this product has not only enhanced my skin but also, I was able to help save Mother Nature in my own little ways.

Now I can confidently wear my skimpy shorts and sleeveless without worrying people’s reaction. Using this product helps me boost my confidence. It also radiates my skin especially on delicate areas. I must say technology has helped a lot in ceasing women’s agony in terms of beauty care. With this Philip SatinSoft Wet and Dry epilator, it gives me a new refreshing experience. The most significant thing about this product is the evasion of discomfort experience and embracing hassle-free, time-saving and efficient way of hair removal. I am glad I have found this product that truly gratifies my need as a woman and fulfill my desire to confidently show off my skin.


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