Philips Satin Perfect Epilator


In a world where new technologies are being made as a trend and robots are performing the tasks that humans do, it will come as a surprise that most people are still using conventional methods for removal of hair. To change this trend, the epilation technology has been developed. The epilation technology mechanizes the job that was earlier done by handheld tweezers. It removes the hair right from the right thus giving a smoother, better look to the skin. Your skin will surly glow with this product compared to other hair removal methods. Moreover, with this product, it has been designed in a conventional way of plucking that is done by the soothers. This makes it the best in what it does. It offers a quicker, easier and cleaner way to remove body hair. The epilation systems are now being used world-over by men and women alike.

Using epilators can sometime be painful. For this one must use a good branded epilator for a complete, pain free hair removal experience and enjoy a smooth, irritation free skin. A perfect product is the Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Epilator. This positive featured product is a must buy!

The Philips Satin Perfect Epilator is easy to use and removes hair leaving the skin smooth up to 4 weeks. This product comfortably removes hair in sensitive areas like the bikini line, eyebrows, upper lip and others. In addition, it works well on hard to reach areas like the knees and ankle. Moreover, the ceramic discs protect the skin from irritation and other allergies giving smoother and satin silk skin.

Features of Philip’s Satin Perfect Epilator

The Philip’s Satin Perfect Epilator works efficiently on the skin. The active hair filter and the massage system gently massage and vibrate on the skin, which makes the flat hair to stand for epilation. For controlling the speed, this epilators features two level speed controls for pain free epilation. The epilator comes with equipped built in opti-light to ensure that each pass catches the finest hair. Cleaning this product is also simple. For optimal hygiene, the shaving head can be removed and cleaned with water and a cleaning brush.

Pros of Philip’s Satin Perfect Epilator

This cordless product consists of a quick charging technology. Once the epilator is charged for an hour, the epilator provides epilation up to 40 minutes. This sleek product can be carried along and used anywhere and everywhere with only a single head this epilator can be used on all hair types and on the sensitive areas. The Philip’s Satin Perfect Epilator comes in two royal colors (white/gold). In this box:

  • Charger
  • Cleaning brush
  • Travel pouch


The Philip’s HP6576 Satin Perfect Epilator comes with a two-year warranty. This amazing product is comfortable to use with guaranteed efficient epilation for long last smooth skin. The portable product weighs 15 ounces and a shipping weight of 1 pound. The product is available for shipping within the U.S. as well as to select countries abroad.


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