Philips PerfectCare Pure GC7619/20 Steam Generator Iron – One Perfect Temperature – 200g Pressurised Steam Boost



Philips PerfectCare Pure GC7619/20 is a good quality steam generator iron for any type of ironing purpose in the world. The steam generator will always give you good settings with OptimalTEMP technology for giving good quality performance. For that reason, the iron is just perfect for any type of steam ironing feature along with vertical positioning iron.  

OptimalTEMP Technology

OptimalTEMP technology is the biggest attraction of the Philips PerfectCare Pure GC7619/20 steam generator iron that will give you a perfect combination of steam. For that reason, the technology will offer you advanced experience of ironing any cloth in any fabric to remove creases. On the other hand, the technology steam iron is advanced with no settings required feature for the users to give good support.

2x Faster Ironing Feature

Philips PerfectCare Pure GC7619/20 steam generator iron is giving you the best bar pressure with powerful steam output to you so that you can get 2x faster ironing performance. In this case, the deepest fabric layers crease removal has become so easy with 200g per minute steam boost with 120g per minute minimum. As a result, you will get the faster performance along with the ideal 5 bar pressure in order to remove any type of ironing purposes. Of course, you can use the settings in order to iron slowly with using configuration.  

Vertical Steam Ironing Experience

Use this steam generator iron and it will give you a vertical ironing experience within a short time. You do not need to remove the clothes from hanging clip in order to iron them. In fact, the steam generator will allow you to iron at any position you want. The high steam output feature always gives you the steam ironing experience to the users to remove any wrinkles.

T-ionicGlide Soleplate with Scratch Resistant

T-ionicGlide Soleplate of this steam generator iron is very impressive to the users along with scratch free service to the users. Therefore, you have no risk of scratching the iron and have bad ironing after some days.  In fact, this soleplate designs well with a good experience to the users to have good experience. The soleplate with scratch resistant will always take heat within a short time along with good shape. As a result, the soleplate will in the top place of the irons with OptimalTEMP technology.

Compact Design with Good Feature

The design of the steam generator iron is compact with a great storage system the appliance is very light and easy to carry for any person. The handle of the iron is great with anti-scale filtration function. As a result, you will feel good and comfortable during ironing with this great iron model from the Philips Brand.  

Anti-scale Filtration System

Anti-scale filtration system of Philips PerfectCare Pure GC7619/20 steam generator iron will always give you the better system and service for removing wrinkles. In this case, the users will give you a compact design and light weighted body. Moreover, this filtration offers the users to use water spray correction.


  1. Super OptimalTEMP Technology
  2. 5 bar Pressure with 200g per minute steam boost
  3. Compact Steam Generator Iron Design
  4. T-ionicGlide Soleplate for Better Performance
  5. Effortless Ironing Feature with Anti-Scale Filtration
  6. Light-Weighted Body for Comfortable Ironing


  1. Only .5L Water Tank

Philips PerfectCare Pure GC7619/20 Steam Generator Iron offers good ironing quality with new OptimalTEMP technology and good steam output boost for any user. Therefore, the iron is quite perfect for home or professional level ironing feature. In this case, the users will find a good and compact designed iron for removing stubborn wrinkles from clothes.


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