Philips HR7782/01 Food Processor


This powerful and reliable assistant is ready to work on any recipe. Chocolate cake for 12 people? Easily! Onion soup for six? No problem! Perfect dough for bread? Nothing is easier! After use, simply place parts of the food processor in the dishwasher, and they are clean before you put the children to sleep. Yes, we are talking about Philips food processor.

Why Philips? Combining the two elements, people and innovation, they create a new generation technology and products that people really need. Significant innovations help to improve the quality of life. That’s what makes the brand Philips unique.

Lets look at it attentively. Modern design in white will fit any kitchen. It is quite big but, because the bowl sits on top of the motor, it doesn’t take up many room on the worktop. Powerful 1000 W motor, 3 speed settings and pulse button allows you to set the desired speed. The device is equipped with a sturdy base suckers to save immobility, even with vigorous mixing, for example, kneading dough.  However, to easily move the machine you need to pick it up by lifting the flaps that reduce the suction. It also has lid and bowl safety detection and  mechanical interruption in 1.5 sec. Do make sure you unplug the unit before fiddling with it – the blades are sharp!

The XL bowl (3,4 l) allows maximum volumes: it holds 2 liters of soup; 1.7 kg of dough; 7 egg whites. Wide camera for ingredients accommodates whole fruits and vegetables, so you need not to pre-cut them.

The cleaning after using is incredibly simple. Pour warm water and a little detergent into blender or bowl and hold the power button in pulse mode a few seconds. The accessories in the Philips Jamie Oliver range are therefore dishwasher safe.

It has 8 nozzles for more than 30 functions. Reversible shredding disc ensures that onions, carrots and potatoes are grated in seconds. Useful for curries, salads, stews and gratins — and may be a great way to bring more vitamins into your diet. The double metal balloon beater creates fluffy egg whites and perfectly whipped cream. For best results, use speed one, which ensures the most fluffy results. Creating delicious desserts has never been easier.

Innovative serrated knife makes instant “ice creams” from frozen berries, yoghurt and honey in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the serrated edges, crushing ice cubes is quick and simple too. Citrus juicer for fresh orange is ideal for extracting fresh juice from all types of citrus fruit such as oranges and grapefruit. Slicing disc is easily adjusted to enable a variety of different thicknesses of apples, potatoes or other ingredients. It also has kneading tool and chopping blade.

There are four cards with Jamie recipes on to illustrate the use of the main items.


The users don`t complain and recommend to buy the unit, but there are several contras we must mention.

There is nothing provided to help you keep all the different blades, graters, beaters and sundry attachments tidy.  The bowl handle is neither sealed, nor drainable. This takes away much of the benefit of everything being dishwasher safe, because you end up washing the big bowl by hand to try to avoid the handle filling with water and then depositing one drip at a time onto your kitchen work surface.

The parts guide is just a set of small sketches – and the Quick Start guide, so useful with other Philips products, is in really small print that makes it difficult to work out how the machine is assembled.

Philips Food processor is the solution to all your problems with food preparation.


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