Philips GC240/05 Easy 8 Ironing Boards


Philips GC240/05 Easy 8 Ironing Board is a dual ironing board that is suitable both for standard irons and steam generator irons. As a result, the users do not need to buy separate ironing board for normal iron and steam generator irons. For that reason, this is a unique iron with good design and cover featured. In this case, the multi-functioning ironing board will give you comfort and hanging railings with basket to use them for storage.

ShoulderWing Ironing System

The ShoulderWing ironing system of the ironing board will give you a proper chance to use steam generator irons as well as normal irons very easily with good space. Therefore, you will have a good solution of ironing in this board with the experience. Moreover, the hassle problem of ironing is no longer available in this system. In this case, you should be with this ironing board in order to get dual function ironing board.

Multi-layered Cover

The combination of the multi-layered cover sheet is very surprising and good for the ironing users. In this case, you will get the combination of the foam and felt with 100% cotton clothe over it. For that reason, you will get smoother performance of ironing using this dual functioning board. Moreover, the multi-layered cover has good and hard surface in order to avoid any scales and wrinkles during ironing time as well.

XL Tray for Steam Generator Irons

The XL board and tray will allow you to keep your steam generator irons in the place comfortably. In this case, you will have no problem of keeping iron generators in the ironing board. On the other hand, 120 cm 45 cm measurement of the board will give you less effort ironing feature with bed linens. The tray is full resistant of any anti-scale and heat because of generator irons. Moreover, the tray will not damage because of highly heated generators as well as irons. Any type of scratches will not be seen from the tray to your iron because of good technology.

Hanging Rails & Basket

The biggest and external feature of this ironing board is to give the users handing rail and basket in the side of the ironing board. As a result, you will have a good option to keep your ironed shirts and clothes hanging in the rails nicely. Moreover, the basket offers the user a good way to give support and keep things. Use the basket for keeping your important things like TV remotes or other things to keep it safe.

Lock System for Safety

The locking system of the ironing board ensures the safety and movement capability of it. Once you have locked the ironing board, you will not move collapse during ironing over the board. For that reason, you will get a secure ironing board with the safety guard in order to keep any accident away. Close the board with the folding option when you have finished the job and it will take a little place to be placed.


  1. ShoulderWing Function
  2. Good Layered Board Cover
  3. XL Tray for Steam Generator Irons
  4. Hanging Rails for Ironed Clothes
  5. Storage Basket at the End of the Board
  6. Transportation Feature with Good Locking System


  1.  Tight Folding Choice
  2. Full Steel Construction with Heaviness

Philips GC240/05 Easy 8 Ironing Board is a perfect board model for your home or garment ironing purpose. For that reason, you can collect the ironing board that will give you a good number of advantages than other ironing boards. Especially the external hanging rails and basket will surely give you good help for having good support during working on it.


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