Philips Azur GC4850/02 Steam Iron, 2600 Watt, Pale Blue



Philips Azur GC4850/02 is a good steam iron of the Philips Iron Brand that can give you good quality performance both for home and garments work. On this case, the design is quite good with pale blue color that charms the users specially the female users. Moreover, the weight of the iron is quite impressive and flexible to anyone to use this.

Fast & Powerful Ironing Performance

Philips Azur GC4850/02 is an ideal model of the brand if you want to get faster ironing performance. 2600 W power with high steam output gives the user good result during ironing any wrinkled cloth with less effort.

SteamGlide plus Soleplate to Clean Wrinkles

The SteamGlide plus soleplate gives the real steam output that the users need to easy ironing system. The powerful and heated soleplate will improve the condition of ironing cloth and clean any type of deep or normal wrinkles from the cloth. Moreover, the soleplate provides heat within a short time and reaches to the deep wrinkles in order to clean that. For that reason, the iron soleplate technology is just perfect for giving you the best result. On the other hand, the soleplate is free from any type of dirt and scratches.   

Clear Wrinkles of Tricky Areas

Philips Azur GC4850/02 provides good quality wrinkle clearing service to the users. If you want to remove wrinkles of tricky areas like corners of pockets, bottom places and other places. As a result, the super heat of the soleplate gives the user a chance to remove any type of wrinkles. Moreover, the steam maximum output does not need much time to clear winkles from the trickily places at all.

Dual Calc Clean Function

Dual calc clean feature of Philips Azur GC4850/02 is quite good but little bit hard to learn for the users. On the other hand, cleaning the dual calc system is also important before ironing any cloth. For that reason, you should read out the instruction book that is given with the iron in order to understand the ways of cleaning the calc before plug-in with the power.

Good Temperature Settings

The iron gives a cool temperature and power light settings to the user to control it quite easily. The pilot light of orange is the power light that will always turn off and on. At the time of heating up, the light will turn on and off during normal mode. The variable steam settings of the iron will give you offer to increase heat and decrease of heat during ironing your clothes to remove wrinkles  

Large Water Container for Water Spray

You do not need to re-fill the water container of the iron most often because this provider larger water container that can hold 350ml water to remove wrinkles effectively. On this case, you can easily remove the deep and long time wrinkles from the cloth very easily.

Iron Comfortably

Ironing any clothe is very comfortable for the users by using Philips Azur GC4850/02 iron. The soleplate gives good heat with configuration settings to the users to control it. The large water container with good spray system gives the cloth good wrinkle removing option. Moreover, freedom ironing feature to 360-degree as well as vertical position ironing feature gives the users a real comfort.


  • Good Color Combination
  • Large Water Container
  • Long Cable 2.5 meters


  • Average Heavy
  • Self Calc Cleaning

Philips Azur GC4850/02 is a good model with good color combination with average weight for the users. Starting from 50g per minute to 170g per minute steam, the users have good features with dual calc system and comfortable ironing performance.  


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