Personal Trainer Insurance


Personal trainer insurance coverage can be found online for any gym or fitness professional looking for injury and liability protection.

Everyone knows that exercise is good for them, although finding the time and motivation for this is not always the easiest of things to do. For this reason many people use the services of a fitness instructor, either in classes or on a one to one basis. This has become common in recent years and becoming a fitness instructor can be a good career choice. However, there is always the chance of someone sustaining an injury under the care of a fitness instructor and personal trainer insurance is designed to help with this.

A personal trainer typically provides fitness instruction to an individual or a group of people. They can work in a few locations and can provide their services in a gym or fitness center or alternatively can visit the homes of their clients. Like any other business, it is possible that accidents can happen in the course of a fitness instructors working life. This can include injury to the personal trainer themselves, injury to clients during training or damage to property. These can result in a financial liability and personal trainer insurance is a way to plan for these costs should they occur.

There are a number of companies that compete in the personal trainer insurance market. One of these is Sadler Sports and Recreation Insurance and they provide a few insurance policies for individual fitness instructors. They provide coverage for both certified and non-certified fitness instructors, although more affordable rates are provided for certified trainers. They have three levels of insurance with an increasing limit of liability and the greater the limit, the greater the annual fee. For a $500,000 limit on each occurrence the annual fee is $144 for certified instructor and $189 for a non-certified instructor. However if the limit for each occurrence is increased to $2,000,000 the annual fee is $269 for certified and $345 for non-certified instructors.

Trainer Insurance is another company that offers personal trainer insurance. The annual premium for their insurance policy costs $175 for trainers that are certified by a number of professional organizations with the Trainer Insurance website showing the eligible organizations. For all other fitness instructors the cost of annual premiums is $250. The insurance provides coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence with a policy aggregate of $3,000,000 and covers a trainer for any location that they provide their services.

If you need personal trainer insurance, other companies to consider include Sinclair Premium and Sports Cover Direct. As with any other insurance it can pay to shop around a few companies before signing up to a policy. In this way you can compare a few deals to decide on the one that provides the best coverage for your particular circumstances.

Personal trainers come into contact with clients on a daily basis and it is not unknown for accidents or injuries to happen. Ensuring you are adequately covered to deal with the financial implications of these can protect you and your business from potential hardship. If you work as a fitness instructor, purchasing personal trainer insurance is therefore a common sense course of action to take.


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