Personal Power Generation = Freedom


Create Your Own Personal Energy: Go Off the Grid

This concept of going off the grid is becoming popular everyday as people are realizing that with the advancements in modern alternate energy generation, it becomes a lot easier and economical to set up their very own power system. The developments in the household energy engineering industry has brought these once complicated and expensive devices to common households.

This technology was available at first to large-scale retail franchises such as Costco, Trader Joe’s, and BJ’s but the technology was later improved and made cheaper to replicate.

As I said earlier, the number of alternative energy homes are increasing every day. There are primarily two types of renewable and sustainable energy resources that are chosen by individual homeowners and those types are residential solar panels or wind generators. Another form of renewable energy, which is also gaining popularity, is magnet motor energy. Unfortunately, it has been proven that so far magnet motors do not produce meaningful energy and caution should be advised when buying “magnet motor” energy kits (they are scams). An alternative was needed to substitute solar panels and wind generators because not everyone has the natural surroundings needed to produce power from these two devices. While motor magnet energy can be set up and used to generate electricity anywhere, its current downfall is that it produces a very negligible amount of power.

It has been proven now that an energy independent home does not need to cost a fortune. One also needs to bear in mind the advantages and disadvantages of each method of power generation. The magnetic motor generator is a good system to use for the generation of portable energy but it does not generate as much power as solar panels or wind generators. Solar panels on the other hand provide the right parity of cost and convenience, yet their drawback is that they are extremely dependent on having a lot of sunlight to function. Wind generators are easy and economical to setup but improper installation of the wind tower can cause it to fall over or be destroyed. If you’re looking to power something small, like a night light or batteries, a magnetic motor may be the best choice for you. If you need large scale power, then a solar panel or wind turbine is the better choice.

There has been a lot of talk lately about going green, however, it has unfortunately become political. People on the left push for green energy and green environment to mean that they should be allowed to cap and trade pollutants while raising taxes to fund government-sponsored green companies like Solyndra. The right claims that government malfeasance is the cause of America being behind in the green revolution and that the free market should decide how to advance this technology. Whatever you may believe, know that living off the grid will require better technological advancements to produce more electricity efficiently.


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