Perfect Multi-Gym Review


Are you looking for cheap home gym equipment that can help you in toning your upper body? If yes then you should buy perfect multi gym pull up bar as it offer various workouts for the upper body. It is known for its features and cheap price. Following is an unbiased review of this bar.

Perfect Multi-Gym Features

Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to take the buying decision and to choose a certain brand or model when all the brands look great. The best way to get out from this difficult situation is to compare the features of all the brands and models as it will help you in finding the best product having best features. Following is a brief overview of perfect multi gym pull up bar features.

Three Grip Options: It offer three grip options namely wide, close and hammer grip. You can adjust this bar as per your convenience. If you want to apply more pressure on your upper body then you have to create more resistance which means that you have to choose wide option. In wide option, there is a huge gap between both the grips which makes workout even tougher. An average pull up bar can be extended up to the width of doorframe but this bar can be extended beyond it.

Can Be Mounted on Any Doorframe: This bar easily gets fixed in almost any doorframe no matter how much wide and heighted it is. It can fit well on doorframes that are 27 to 35 inches wide.

Protects Doorframe: Most of the people complain that their pull up bar damaged their doorframe but this will never happen with perfect multi gym bar as it is designed in such a way that it protects the doorframe.

Anyone Can Install It: There is no rocket science involved in installing this pull up bar. You can easily install it anywhere in your home even if you are not a technical person at all.

Good Weight Capacity: This pull up bar can easily bear a person weighting up to 220 lb. So, if you are thinking that you cannot use this bar due to excessive weight then think again.

Best Tool For Upper Body: This pull up bar allows you to try different positions for toning your muscles particularly upper body muscles. It is good for your arms, biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest.

Great Design: The good thing about this pull up bar is that it can be adjusted not only in terms of height but also in terms of width.

Pros And Cons of Using Perfect Multi Gym Pull Up Bar


  • Very wide-easily gets fit even in the widest doorframes
  • Fully padded with foam
  • Can be adjusted according to the width of doorframe
  • Comes with a manual for guidelines
  • Comes with poster showing different workouts that can be done with this bar


  • Nuts and bolts are of poor quality
  • Quality of bar is not much good

What Customers Say about Perfect Multi Gym Pull Up Bar?

This pull up bar received a positive feedback from most of its customers who really liked this product saying that it is good for upper body workouts. What most of the people said is that this bar easily gets fit on a wider wall which is a good point. Some people also complained about the quality of this product while others said that it is not safe to use compared to other bars.


If you compare the features of this product with its price then you will yourself find it great. It is very hard to get such a great piece of equipment in just $29. I highly suggest buying it for upper body workouts.


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