Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Let me introduce to you… The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro!! Oh ho ho! You are looking at the awesome looking ab roller and also at the same time it is a very well build quality ab roller right here! far more superior than the regular ab roller that you have used.

Uhh..? but what makes it that much of a different than the regular ab roller? Shall we invest that much money for an ab roller? What are the pros and cons that this ab roller has?

If you are having the above questions stuck in your head, then it will be my pleasure to request you to please read on.

Regular Ab Roller VS Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

What make this ab roller different? First thing is the wheel, as you can see, it has wider wheel and it is pretty darn cool too! Well the reason why it has such large wheel is not because of it just trying to look cool, it actually has it functionality, which the wheel able to help you to focus more on the right side or the left side, this is perfect for someone who finds that they need to work on the left side of their abs more than their right, or the opposite. And wider wheel is easier on balancing compare to the other thinner wheel ab roller.

What More To Love

Beside just the wheel is different, there are more things that we are gonna fall in love with.

Now let me blow out all the pros and cons this Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro has.


  • For a reasonable price at only $39.99, this thing is build like a tank, and perform like a champ.
  • It is large, so no worry if you are 200 pounds or 300 pounds, with large or small hands, this thing will handle you just fine.
  • The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro handles are angled down, and because of that, greater arms, back, and shoulder strength is required when performing the rollout movement on this beast, and that equal to more gains!
  • This ab roller is even come with a pair of knee pads that you can use to protect your knees when performing exercise such as the Knee Rollout.
  • The wheel works very well on almost any surface, tile or carpet, no problem!
  • Unlike the regular ab roller, this thing has the cool mechanism built into it, which is a string that help you get back to your kneeling position when doing the rollouts. And because of it, this ab roller is great towards people who is in their beginner or intermediate level.

The Power Wheel II For More Advance Ab Roller


  • The spring, it is either you love it, or you hate it.. Why? Because for some people, assisting in doing your exercise is equal to cheating the process.
  • The lock, yes the lock.. it has a locking system built-in that will actually stop you from going too far to the front when performing the rollout exercise. Some people says they can’t perform a full range of motion because of it, but some people do love it.
  • We can not take out the spring inside, We just got to live with it for the rest of our life.
  • Unlike the LifelineUSA Power Wheel II that has foot straps that allows us to perform different kind of exercise.
  • No instruction DVD, but YouTube is always there for us.


The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is a great ab roller, especially for the beginner > intermediate level, because it has the mechanism that assist you in doing the exercise. Is it worth for $39.99? Yes, the built quality is really good, so why not? Plus they have really great customer service, where one had his Ab Carver Pro left handle broke after using it for a week, Perfect Fitness sent him new handles after that. Good stuff!!! But if you are looking for something more advance, look for the LifelineUSA Power Wheel II instead.


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