Pellet Fueled Electric Generator


The pellet fueled electric generator will be used to recharge many batteries for the hybrid electric vehicle which is still in the process of undergoing extensive tests and research. This could be one of the biggest breakthroughs as well as being environmentally friendly.

Residual electric current will be used to recharge this hybrid vehicle and the fuel product for burning which will be used preferably will be of a cellulose nature which will be in the form of pellets or small logs.

These solid fuel products that will be used are produced from a renewable resource which will be either pellets or small logs and will also include cellulose and lignin This solid product which is used in the pellet fueled electric generator will consist of waste materials that are taken from forestry waste recyclables such as paper as well as food products.

The engine of this hybrid vehicle will only operate when the vehicle is in motion and will be an attachment and the by product that the pellet fueled electric generator produces can be in turn used in fertilizers.

This hybrid vehicle will have an array of batteries which can be recharged with the generator which will be connected to the engine which is on the vehicle being powered by combusting solid fuel products like pellets.

A container which holds the excess pellets will be stored on the vehicle as well as a mechanism which will transmit this solid fuel from the container to the engine. This all came about because of the high costs of petroleum as well as the serious consequences of global warming from the insistent uses of fuels.

The pellet fueled electric generator is fast becoming an essential commodity that everyone will use in homes and industry and will bring new hope for the planet and its future generations and will the oil cartels allow this.

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