Pax Vaporizer Review


Pax Vaporizer Review: What’s So Good About the Pax by Ploom?

The Pax vaporizer is another portable vape, just like the DaVinci Vaporizer  and the Arizer Vaporizer. The Pax by Ploom premium vaporizer is a favorite amongst many vapers, mainly because of its features and minimalist, portable design. It also has four colors to choose from, and has a lot of nifty features and characteristics that most vapers would definitely love.

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The Sleek Style of the Pax Vape

The Pax vape is a beautiful vaporizer, with its sleek and simple design that’s reminiscent of a minimalist company’s mobile phone. The exterior is made out of anodized aluminum that’s cool to touch. This portable vaporizer is available in four colors: Amethyst Purple, Onyx Black, Cobalt Blue and Emerald Green.

The loading tray is hidden at the top of the Pax vaporizer via a magnetic door. The mouthpiece is also hidden, and can be easily retracted in and out of the unit, which also doubles as its automatic switch to turn it on or off. The minimalist look of the Pax Ploom is definitely something that makes other people turn their heads and make them wonder what you have in your hand.

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Size and Power

It’s just about 0.89 inches thick, 4 inches long and about 1.4 inches wide, pretty much as big as a mobile phone. The weight is just under a pound, so you don’t exactly feel like you’re lugging around a big chunk of a device.

However, unlike the DaVinci   that allows you to control the temperature of your vape, the Pax vape only has three optimized preset temperatures: 370F (188C), 390F (199C) and 410F (210C). Each temperature is assigned a LED color, yellow for the lowest, orange for the middle and red for the highest. The button under the mouthpiece allows users to cycle through the temperature presets.

The Pax by Ploom charges in under two hours, and can give you around 2 hours of continuous usage. The Pax comes with its own charging dock. To check the battery life, just shake the Pax while it’s turned on. Green means full, yellow means that it’s partially charged, and red indicates low battery.

Features and Options

gNby8This vape has a number of really good features that sets it apart from other vapes. The wider heating chamber allows users to easily refill or repack dry blends firmly. Also, it makes it easier to clean.

The mouthpiece clicks open, which automatically turns on the unit. It also retracts back into the unit. Clicking it back in place automatically turns off the Pax. If ever you forget to turn it off or click it back, the unit automatically goes to sleep after a short time, so you don’t have to worry about overheating your unit.

The Pax heats up your blends in about 30 seconds after turning it on. The LED light will turn green once the blends are ready to be puffed. If you put it down for 20 seconds, keeping it still, the light turns blue and will automatically enter into power save mode.

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Manufacturing Quality and Build

 The Pax is a very sturdy and solid pocket vaporizer. Its anodized aluminum exterior and medical grade stainless steel insides make it a favorite among users, because it looks very simple and is very minimalistic. It can easily be grasped by one hand, and is quite inconspicuous.

Maintaining and Cleaning the Pax Vape

The Pax’s mouthpiece can be cleaned with soap and water. The pipe cleaner also efficiently cleans the body of the Pax vaporizer. The large oven is also easily cleaned with a cotton swap or the pipe cleaner. Remember to regularly replace the screens, as well.

 Pax by Ploom Warranty


Unlike most Portable Vaporizers   that come with 2 years or 3 years of warranty, the Pax vape comes with an unusually long 10 years of warranty.

What’s in the package?

  • The Pax by Ploom vape
  • Screen
  • Mouthpiece
  • Oven lid
  • Charging dock and cord
  • 5 pipe cleaners
  • 5 cleaning wipes
  • Lubricant
  • User manual


  • Small and pocket-friendly 
  • Sleek and simple design
  • Made out of anodized aluminum
  • Rechargeable, internal battery
  • Comes with a charging dock that doubles as a stand
  • Automatic standby and sleep
  • Automatically turns on when you open the mouthpiece
  • Heats in less than 30 seconds
  • Can be used for around 2 hours in a single charge
  • Large loading tray
  • Motion sensor for checking the battery and automatically turning on/sleep the unit
  • 10 years of warranty


  • Temperature cannot be manually controlled; only has three preset temperatures
  • Some users worry that the retractable mouthpiece may break due to wear and tear after continuous usage over the years
  • Cannot be used with concentrates or oils
  • The base of the Pax gets too hot after a long, continued usage. Because of this, it may actually burn lips.
  • A full chamber may only give you 2 to 4 puffs

 Use with:

  • Dry blends

I highly recommend this vaporizer as the best portable vaporizer.

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